5 steps to a better photo | 五个小步骤,让你拍个美美照~

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I’m always looking for different ways to improve my photography and I find tips just ultimately comes down to these few simple steps. I mean I don’t wanna be spending all my time taking photos, imagine if my food was cold by the end of it or my tea just went cold, that’s just horrible. So I thought I’d share some tips that I feel really useful, and actually has worked for me to you guy, it’s not rocket science but it does make photos look much better in general.
The object| 实物

First, pick the object you want to feature in your photo. Spend some effort if you can, clean the edges, wipe the excess sauce out if you can. For example, the tea stain in the photo above, drove me insane. These little things does really impact the photo. Then we are gonna talk about the background. So you obviously want contrast in your photo. White on white might sound minimalistic but be careful as you wouldn’t want the same white shade against each other as they will just look like they’ve blended into the background.
Placement | 摆设

Place them at suitable places! The cup, when placed with pots of plants, and without your drinks is just gonna make your cup look like a pot, no good. Just like how you wouldn’t wanna put food in the toilet to take your photos. The environment will change the mood and theme of your photo so just make sure if you’ve got unnecessary products in the photo, remove them.
Fine tuning | 小细心

Some people call it being OCD but trust me, it will make your photo look much better. It’s the little things, like adding water into your cup of tea, making sure you’ve got all the elements you need in your photo, in your photo.
Angle | 角度

Flat lays are good, but after taking a ten gazillion shots of flat lays, you’ll get bored.Trust me. Experiment with angles, rearrange your items because what looks good on flat lays, won’t look good eye level.
平面照,超红的,就一定要拍,可是拍久了不闷的话,我看到也会觉得很闷。 换个角度拍个照,整个感觉也会不一样。当然,角度换了,你的东西排列也得换。毕竟从高处望下来,和水平线望过去的东西,是不一样的。
Negative Space | 空间
So minimalistic photos are all the hype right now. I love them, and they do such a great job featuring just an item. They are ridiculously easy, because all you gotta do is find blank space and have your product towards the middle, or edge, and have plenty of empty spaces around it.I do sometimes feel that they can be quite boring, so I like to spice them up a little with just different items.
And that is it! I hope you’ve found the post useful. Happy weekend guys!
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