A different Kyoto Part 1 | 不一样的京都 (一)

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Ok so I actually have way too many photos to share, and I’ll be honest, I’m not quite sure to how I am going to do this.If I do this trip in parts, some might find some stuff to boring but if I do it in days, I will have nearly 14 logs in, and this is insane because I am due for my bali trip in 10 days and I will have even more photos eventually so I thought I’d write a slight different travel log. I’ll do different things to do in the city first, then head out to the outskirts of kyoto otherwise I really wouldn’t know where or how to start this travel log.
Ramen | 拉面 ラーメン
If you aren’t planning for ramen whilst in Japan, then you are seriously missing out! There are so many ramen-ya around the area it’s really difficult to find which one’s the best to go but I have to say these 2 shops are perhaps my fav!

If you are after miso ramen, this is probs a good place to try in the city.The soup and charsiew is super delicious, the noodles are yellow noodles bt, so if you aren’t a big fan of yellow noodles, maybe you can give this a miss.

Ichiran Ramen | 一兰拉面
Ahhh my fav tonkatsu ramen! It’s so so good, the only thing I really didn’t like was that the place is constantly filled with customers, lol I’m just impatient I guess having to queue, but yeah, it’s def a really nice hearty meal that I can’t get sick of! They have 2 outlets in Kyoto so try and not go during rush hours because it can be a really long wait
Yamogawa River | 鸭川
Take a stroll along the Yamogawa, which is just situated near Kawaramachi Station. I thought it was quite nice to be able to have a cup of tea whilst enjoying the weather
Tea is always a good idea

Well for this you gotta be prepared to queue. The restaurant opens at 12, but queue starts as early as 11, and once they finish giving out queue numbers, you’re outta luck! I got my number at 12 when they started handing out numbers and was told to come back again between 1-1.30pm for my turn! It was crazy, but was it worth the wait? I think it def was! My meal was around 1680 yen for the nami set, which is the basic set and I added on the shiro miso milk pudding as dessert!
然后啊然后啊,这个你如果有时间,一定要去尝试。对啦,是等了好久的一段时间,12点开店,我1130就开始排队了,然后十二点工作人员拿了号码给我,要我一点再回去等。结果差不多130 才轮到我。可是我觉得很值得啊,整个套餐也不会说很贵,就1680 yen, 很精致的一个下午茶~我吃得好开心啊~

I’m not alcoholic, I only drink two times a year. On my birthday and when it’s not my birthday<span class="su-quote-cite">Unknown</span>

Will update more on Kyoto next post!

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