Sightseeing in Kyoto Part 2 | 京都之二

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So then now we are done with the city post, let’s do go do some sightseeing shall we? I only picked a couple of highlight areas to visit, mainly because I wanted to take a day to visit just Lake Biwa and Shiga Ken, which will have to wait for a different post because it’s not quite exactly what I would consider to be in Kyoto. I’ve already been Kyoto once, visiting a couple of the shrines before so this time, I picked a couple of things to do and spent abit more time in that area
Fushimi Inari Taishi | 伏見稲荷
One of my fav landmarks in the world, this place is incredibly beautiful. Walking in can be very overwhelming at the start because of the amount of tourist who is in the area but once you go higher up the mountains, it gets less crowded, and you get to see more torii gates without everyone being in your picture

Do a little hike, and get up to the top of the mountain.

So I took ah bok’s advice and headed over to Kameoka for a rivercruise down to Arashiyama. You take the train and get towards Kameoka station, walk around 10 minutes along the roads and you will find the river cruise office. They depart every hour and cost 4100 yen(only cash) and it is an hour and half boat ride to Arashiyama and you will get off Togetsubashi. I personally reallly liked the cruise, though I would still recommend going during Autumn instead.
也就因为朋友的介绍,我跑到亀岡搭船下嵐山去啦~想说嵐山我上次也去过了,所以就看一看游船看看风景也不错。一个小时半的船程,4100 yen,你会在嵐山渡月橋抵达哦~船每小时正时都有,所以你可以考虑早上出发,然后抵达嵐山过后慢慢在嵐山逛了.个人建议秋天过去~

Hiranoya | 平野屋
Then I bought a one day bus ticket, this way I could get myself to Hiranoya, which is really outskirts of Arashiyama, and then after that catching the bus back to the city.It was so quiet there were times I doubted my choice to actually going to this place but it turned out to be one of my fav tea houses in Kyoto.

Kinkaku Ji | 金閣寺
And of all the shrines in Kyoto, I only visited one, which was not really a shrine for visiting anyways because it was just a viewing of the Golden Temple, a trip around the garden and that was the end of my trip for shrine and temple viewings. I did do quite alot more in Shigaken so I wasn’t very fussed. After all, I know I’m def going back to Kyoto soon again.

And that will be it for all my Kyoto landscape post! I”m not sure what I should share next about, Osaka, Nara or Shigaken, hmmmm options ey. Have a great weekend guys!
今天就到这吧,接下来就应该会写 大阪,奈良或滋賀県。 希望你们喜欢这些照片哦~周末愉快~
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