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Ok! On to food in Osaka! I will just be listing down the food that was really worth trying! Will try and be brief because I’m sure you guys will want to be the judge for the food yourself
Uncle Rikuro Cheesecake
Situated near the busiest street in Namba, you’ll find this crazily hyped up “jiggly cheesecake”. The cheesecake was indeed extremely jiggly, but also very eggy and very light so if you are expecting your cake to be similar to what a new york cheesecake would taste like, you’d be disappointed. Personally I thought it was perfect with a cuppa in the afternoon
这个就是在网络上超火热的爷爷蛋糕啦~喜欢轻轻口味不重的cheesecake 的朋友绝对可以考虑这家。他们家的蛋糕蛋味偏重,可是吃起来好软好好吃!配一杯咖啡喝个下午茶是一个绝对不错的选择。重点还是蛋糕超有弹性的
Endo Sushi
I’ve talked about this before, and I will bring it up again this time. The sushi here is the bomb! Shop opens from and each plate of 5 sushi will cost you 1050 yen. So So So good,go early, otherwise be prepared to queue
Anaba Sushi
Since we are on the topic of sushi, let’s talk about Anaba.This place does cheap+fresh sushi it’s awesome! The only downside is that it is completely catered to locals and you will need to at least be able to speak/read a little japanese before dropping them a visit. This full plate of sushi+ a glass of beer only cost me 2000yen! I look quite pale in the next photo but just had to put it in as a comparison of the sizes of sushi to my face
说到寿司,就来个便宜又好吃又新鲜的一家吧!这个绝对是当地人喜欢去的地方,因为他们根本没有英文的menu!虽然说是建议,可是最好你自己本身会一点日文/会读日文才过去哦。这整碗寿司加我的啤酒也就2000yen 而已~
Japanese gyozas are my favs! There are a few places you could go, but the easiest and cheapest place for gyoza is Gyoza no Ohsho. They are cheap and plenty of outlets just laying around everywhere in Osaka so just google them up! If you are looking for a different kinda gyoza, do check out Tenpei Gyoza. This shop has been around since the 1955 and they do bit size gyozas. You can only order 20 pieces each time, and they will cost around 1500 yen per plate. It is extremely light, I wasn’t quite sure if I liked it because each bite wasn’t very fulfilling but it made me want for more but by the end of the meal, I was really satisfied with my gyozas!
爱吃日本饺子的可以试试这两家。饺子的王将和天平饺子。饺子的王将很便宜,而且到处都可以找到。上网找一下就可以找到他们的分行了。天平饺子就有点不一样。可能是老字号吧,饺子也截然不同。每个饺子都是一口可以吃完的,而且一点就需要点20 粒,一盘1500yen。可是还算是蛮好吃的
Jiyuken Curry
You’ll find plenty of shops selling japanese curry but Jiyuken curry rice is def a much try! Not like your usual curry rice, this plate of rice is similar to a bowl of sticky rice curry. It probs won’t wow you away on your first bite but I think it is a very comforting meal!I personally loved it and would love to have it again especially on a cold winter night
Aki Oni Takoyaki
This is good stuff!

Random/Supermarket finds
Owl Cafe!

My fav milk in Japan!

There’s never a queue at Luke Lobster in Osaka!

If you gotta do instant noodles, do Ippudo!

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