Cheap accommodation in Osaka and Kyoto |大阪,京都住宿廉价之篇

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“Japan’s accommodation is too expensive!” To be honest, this is the most common reaction I’ll get when I tell people I enjoy traveling to Japan. Is it true? Not really, to be honest, I find transportation around far more expensive than accommodation itself.If you are on a budget, but not quite willing to stay at run down dodgy places, this blogpost might be of use to you. I personally found these 2 accommodation extremely value for money(around RM100 or USD 35) as they were clean, comfortable for a night’s rest.
每次来日本之前,都一定会听到很多人和我说日本住宿很贵。说真的,我觉得交通费贵多了,可是要找便宜的住宿,其实也有的。也不是说便宜就不好,我找的这两家,都在于RM100 左右,很干净也很舒适,绝对适合要省钱或背包旅客哦
Small Trees
Small Trees def one of my fav guest house I’ve stayed in! The place is clean and tidy and the staffs there are freaking friendly and awesome! They also have Wednesdays parties, which is a great way to meet different people, and is the reason to how I met the much lovely Luci, Sam and plenty of other peeps throughout my stay. You can find them on either airbnb or their facebook page
Piece Hostel
Then it’s to the award winning hostel in Kyoto. This piece hostel was a bit of a different feel to Small Trees guesthouse. The guesthouse at Small Tress made you feel like you could just meet new friends whereas piece hostel gave you more of a “me time” The facilities are great, and for the price(around 3300yen per night) I thought it’s quite a bargain place to stay in Kyoto
这个旅馆我也极力推荐,毕竟他们家也得过一些设计奖的。住起来比较像住酒店的感觉,可是设备啊,床位都是很舒服的,价钱也很亲民(3300 yen 一晚)网络也蛮快的,所以来京都绝对可以考虑这个地方

Fujiya 1935
If there’s a highlight of my trip, it’d be my meal at Fujiya 1935. It’s my first 3 star Michelin restaurant experience and their lunch course was only priced around 8000yen after taxes and such. It was delish and service was superb! You def need a reservation otherwise it’d be quite difficult to get a spot.
我第一家三星的米其林餐厅经验啊!!!超幸福的。服务和食物都特别好吃。以三星米其林的价格来说,是绝对很值得的,因为午餐也就加了税价钱在于8000yen 左右。真的吃了觉得好幸福啊

A waiting room for your table ma’am?

Prawn Spag

Desserts anyone?

And that is it for my Japan blogpost! Finally done so I can now move on to more exciting post coming ahead!
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