30 day lipstick challenge- Week 1

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Have had a very busy week, with my friends upcoming wedding and my Aus friends flying in, I had to make sure I finish my end of the work before heading to Penang. Yes I’ll have more photos soon!That, along with my grandma’s birthday trip and my huge UK trip in August.But for now, I gave myself a challenge, with the amount of lipsticks I’ve got in my collection, to use a different lipstick for the rest of the month! Here’s week 1’s collage.
整个星期除了忙忙忙,还是忙。好朋友就快结婚了,所以要把手上的东西做好,不然去槟城都会觉得好不安心。加上这个月过了我整个八月都不会在大马,所以真的要把很多事给处理好。 这个月,我给了自己一个新的挑战,每一天都抹上不一样的口红颜色。来看下成绩好吗

Started off with the challenge with MAC’s Ronnie Red. Love this color!


第一天嘛,就来个MAC 的限量版红吧

Had to go into work, but it was lucky the number that I picked(randomly) was a very nice subtle color for work. 


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