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As you can tell from my previous post, I was in Penang most the time this week! Thank you for all the support and comments you guys have given me on my previous Week 1 Lipstick Challenge. Here’s my week 2 lipstick picks!

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So week 2 started with YSL’s Rouge Volupte in color 9.It is way too pinkish for my liking but the texture and formulation for the lipstick is so good!!

第二个星期的第一天,就来个YSL 的口红吧。说真的,还真的好喜欢YSL 的口红的formulation,总觉得特好用

Day 2
Second day was good, second day was the kinda red I’d usually reach out for. Too bad I was busy shifting house and was dressed so casually I had to put on my kitty glasses to not look to crazy having this color on for breakfast..
Day 3
Day 3, gotta have some purple pink ey. I’ve always loved the two faced liquid lipstick formulation. Stayed on for a pretty good amount of time I must say too.
其实这个two faced 的口红还蛮好玩的。好容易抹,整个系列的口红颜色也很多,所以还真的挺不错的。
Day 4
Day 4, Oh this has gotta be one of my fav! The color pop lip color last forever, but it can be very drying and unforgiving if you haven’t been treating your lips well.

Day 5
MY ALL TIME FAV COLOR!!Of course chanel lipsticks formulations are some of my favs so yeah.

Day 6
Then we have Dior. Amazing color and amazing formulation that doesn’t quite dry out the lips but the lasting power aint as great. It’s easy to apply though so I guess it’s quite good if you can’t be bothered spending too much time reapplying it after meals
Dior 这款的口红我还好喜欢的,可是就觉得口红不太耐,每次吃饭过后都需要去补妆。好是好在这系列的口红也很容易上色,所以感觉不错~
Day 7
And perhaps I’ve found my least favourite lipstick of this week hah! It’s the laneige duo tone lipstick in color 4. I have to say ombre isn’t quite my style

And that is it for week 2! What’s your fav?
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