First, St Regis High Tea, then we fly

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Really really apologize for the hiatus last week! My week has been so intense I really didn’t even have time to do anything else (hence the lack of updates on Snapchat too). But I have good news! I’m traveling to UK, Austria, Czech Republic and Hungary in August so I’m gonna have plenty to share with you guys real soon! If you have any tips on where to go and what to eat, please do let me know!!
St Regis High Tea
I managed to sneak out for high tea with May the other day and thought I’d share it here. We made a reservation at St Regis and it was priced at RM140 nett per person, unlimited sandwiches and tea refills, pretty good! I particularly loved the fois gras sandwich and ate so much of it I didn’t end up eating anything else =p I’ll share a few photos just to make sure this blogpost doesn’t look too bare but I’ll be back soon to quickly update on the prepacking situation for London!

就在上个星期和May 去喝下午茶了。St Regis 的下午茶一个人价位差不多RM140,可是就是有无限量的三文治,个人最爱鹅肝酱的三文治了
And we are ready to fly, well as soon as I’m done packing really. Thinking of doing my shopping on ASOS and have it sent to London before we fly so I don’t have to pack as much! Also, side note, we went on a family trip in Bentong. If you are thinking of staying in GY Farm,whilst I enjoyed my family bonding time, I def WILL NOT RECOMMEND this place! You can def do better than this place, trust me
现在就到旅游第二痛苦之事-收拾行李 @.@ 说真的还真想上网买了衣服直接送去英国算了。对了,就前几天去了文冬,说真的我真的很喜欢和家人聚在一起,可是你若要住GY Happy Farm, 我个人绝对不会推荐这个家。你们还是另找别家吧。照片也就只有这个角度拍的比较过的去了哈哈哈哈

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