Sneaking out for Breakfast Thieves

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由于部落格的layout, 用较大的屏幕阅读这个部落格是最好的哦
Think we all need a break from the travel post ey=p Well I sure do considering my time’s been quite hectic. I’m trying to work on a new schedule for my blog and hopefully I can have it all fired up before the end of the month so at the meantime just be a little more patient with me ok?
最近除了忙,1还是超级无敌忙。但是就在安排新的blog 内容,所以也需要一点点的时间。但是希望效果是大家都会喜欢的啦~好了,话不多说,先来几张照片吧
Took a quick coffee break with May the other day and decided to do a little of a photo sess. We were lucky enough to get a table at breakfast thieves within 5 minutes but we were already so full from lunch we decided to just have desserts instead.

Short and simple for my OOTD post, but if you are interested to what I’ve purchased whilst I was on my London trip, here’s the haul video! Enjoy the weekend guys!
就先几张照片吧~等我处理好一些事情过后我的blog会比较有规划的update 了~对我在英国买的东西有兴趣的话可以看看这个视频哦~大家周末愉快

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