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由于部落格的layout, 用较大的屏幕阅读这个部落格是最好的哦
Just had my wisdom tooth removed so I’ve been bed ridden for the past day or so, thought I’d break up my holiday postings with something more recent =p. Headed out for Brunch with May just the other day and thought it was really worth sharing! We initially wanted to go to VCR, but then decided we’d go to Front Door instead. Unfortunately it was closed, so we walked down the road and found this little cafe by accident. I’ve seen leaf and co before online, but I just didn’t realize this was it,well not till I saw the menu of course!
暂时就不写旅游贴啦,写些近来的发现吧。其实这个星期还真的有点小忙,除了工作的事情以外,自己也得去上牙科拔掉我第五颗智慧牙(对,你没看错,是第五颗),所以现在除了在家发呆,还真的不能做什么了。发现我每次和May 出去都会有新奇的发现。本来想去的咖啡厅没开,结果还让我们误打误撞的找到了这家新开的咖啡店(也就营业三个星期而已)重点还是食物很合我们两个的口味,吃得好过瘾~
Leaf and Co
I really enjoyed my brunch to be honest, the staff were so friendly and the food was def up to my liking! Would recommend the tomyam pasta( I love anything tomyam) but even the meatballs was yums! The mojito(non alcoholic, how sad) was pretty cool! They swap out the alcohol and give you popsicles instead. Kinda wished we had a bigger table bt I guess you can’t have it all.

喜欢新奇的人可以考虑这家的饮料,我个人觉得他们的mojito 还蛮特别的,可惜没酒精,但是为了补偿这点,他们用了冰淇淋代替mojito 本来该有的酒哦~ 我最爱吃的还是他们家的tomyam pasta,觉得味道还蛮独特的,而且辣辣酸酸,真的好过瘾~

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