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Was in Johor last weekend and dragged J along with me to Teavana. I’ve been bugging for a place to take OOTD(gotta put in some effort yo). Was having quite high hopes for this place actually, thought it was quite a nice place at first. Upon arrival, it was still really pretty, but when presented with the food options, I have to admit I was quite let down. That said, if you are looking for a place with decent tea options, this is quite a nice place to sit and chill and have tea with your friends. Food wasn’t bad, but it def didn’t wow us either, in fact it was quite forgettable.
觉得每次去新山,我身边的人就得忙的不可开交了。又要应付我这个诸多要求的人,还得配合我爱拍照的习惯。结果就莫名其妙周末就突然当了我临时摄影师似的,真的蛮可怜的 =p 。这次J 就安排了我们去Teavana喝个下午茶。还和我说了不管怎么样他就想在呆在同一个地方花点时间看本书。Teavana 这个地方嘛,其实还真的蛮漂亮的,就如果你真的要为了食物才来的话,那你真的可能会失望了,但是他们的茶呀和环境就真的还不错的。有兴趣的人还真的可以考虑来看看了

That aside, the ambiance was great! Staff was very friendly, happily charged our phones for us too. We spent nearly the whole afternoon there, so if you are looking for a nice place to just read/have tea or if you want to just do photos, this is a very ideal place to go to.
Parking here wasn’t too bad, but it did really test our skills HAHA. Sometimes you’ll have to nudge the people in the store to readjust their car or you’d have probs parking too


Off shoulder Top: MDS
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zalora
Watch: Rado

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