H-Artistry with Hyuna

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So was I got lucky and was very fortunate to be invited to one of the very much anticipated H-Artistry this year! To be honest, I’ve not been to any H-Artistry event since a few years ago and I was def very looking forward to it. And if there was anything to make it even more exciting, Hyuna was performing live that night!
今年很庆幸地被邀请到H-Artistry 啦。说真的距离我上一次的H-Artistry event 已经还有一段时间了呢。这次他们的节目还邀请了很多国际名?包括我其中喜欢的女神了(不用猜测,是Hyuna!)
This year H-artistry is different than what I remembered. Not only are they having an open area , they are also doing a live stream! Personally I think a live stream has so much work and effort that goes into place! Everything has to be on spot and on time for a stream to go up live and you cannot make any mistakes when doing it!! Kudos to the team coz this year’s event was so nicely planned out! We grabcar there, we as in me and Shon coz he’s my everything kaki 觉得每年的H-Artistry 都让人很期待。今年的更是特别让人兴奋(有Hyuna 耶)
Hennessy Malaysia
Don’t you just love it when your fav bartender is making your drinks at the event! HAHAHA I’m such a fangirl i kid not, but Glen (imo makes most of my fav drinks!)
当你最喜欢的调酒师在你最喜欢出席的event 是超级无敌赞的事。
And it’s performance time!! This night was performed by Mad August, Tinasha and HYUNAAAAA!

And that’s a wrap! Ps: hair was super last week! New hairstyle on my next blogpost!
就到此啦~ 对了头发是上个星期的发型~换了新的咯~
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