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If you’ve not seen me of late,or followed my insta, then you should be quite surprised to know that I’ve again changed my hairstyle. Embracing my super oriental looks, I’ve decided to go back to a darker color.The hair is a dark blue, so I’m really liking it. Still not quite used to the fringe as it’s making me look way more Japanese than ever but I’m starting to get used to it and am really liking it atm too. Hair credit : Vlee Studio
又换发型咯,感觉每次去理发店都会被建议剪成平头族哈哈哈,但是啊,这次的发色我还真的好爱好爱啊~那种半夜蓝(我发花痴了) 的蓝,我还真的好满意~

Headed out with May the other day, determined we were gonna take photos every week for the blog at least. Went to VCR, got such shit service(to be fair they’ve had the most hectic week) but just couldn’t tolerate how rude the staff was and left to the Pantry instead. I was actually really glad we came to the pantry bt, seeing how the place was so quaint and it had this really simple food concept that me and May just really enjoyed.
最近和M 决定了我们每个星期都要拍照的约定。本来嘛,是要去VCR 吃的,结果待遇太差了,结果就直接换家地方吃了。但是啊,来到新的地方感觉还蛮不错的,所以还算是不幸中的大幸吧

Headed over to Someplace Beautiful in D7 but it wasn’t opened till 1pm so we decided to do our OOTD photos! Recently fell inlove with the clothes I’ve managed to purchase from Zalora. Can you believe this dress only cost me RM25? What a bargain! I would have linked it back in here but it’s not longer available but they do have some really good bargain so always do keep an eye out for it! Also found these leather shoes from Zara SOOOO COMFORTABLE! They were a little on the pricy side (RM200) but it was so worth it given how comfy they are!
本想说想直接去这家新的茶馆品茶的,结果太早到,还没开呢,所以就趁这个机会拍照了~个人还蛮喜欢他家的霜淇淋,但是就感觉太快融化了,吃得有点小辛苦。说到衣服嘛,这条连身裙是Zalora 买的哦,重点还是就只花了RM 25! 好值得啊,所以真的要注意他们有做促销的时候,因为很多衣服都好便宜。接下来要提到的就是这双Zara 鞋。价钱是有点小贵,但是皮鞋RM200其实还算是不错的,重点是,它很舒服,很舒服,很舒服(因为很重要所以要说三遍)。我最近的特爱啊~

Dress : Zalora
Necklace : Lovisa
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch: Rado
Bracelet: Acexspade
Shoes : Zara

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