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If there was anything that was consistent in my life, it’s the inconsistency of it. To be fair, I actually do really love it, the last minute planning, the little adventures, it’s all pretty great!I feel like I’m constantly saying things like, “I’m still trying to settle” but in actual fact I don’t think I ever will, not in just one place at least. I also feel like I’ve been really neglecting my blog, sure there’s a posting going up every week but I do also feel like it lacks some sorta pixie dust don’t you think?
我觉得我们人生唯一不改变的,就是事情一直都在改变。一直说好啦,回来吉隆坡啦,安定啦,可是还没说完,下个行程我已经都安排好了。这次在吉隆坡的时间算是我最长的一次吧,连续三个月我好像都没出国呢。感觉,有点不习惯。总觉得自己最近也很喜欢那工作忙来当借口,忽略了部落格的一些事,想想自己还真的挺会给自己找借口的 -.-“
Go with the flow and make the best of it
Yup, like this random person who thinks photobombing is the in thing right now =p, nah jokes he’s actually pretty sporting (honestly still don’t know who he is bt)

also another thing I’ve surprised myself with recently, is my love for torn jeans. I’m never a jeans kinda girl, mainly coz it’s uncomfortably hot in Malaysia but these pair from Zara are so comfortable I don’t mind putting them on in the heat, well in my case when I say in the heat I mean places that are air-conditioned… I mean, we wouldn’t want yukiko(snowchild) turning into mizuko(waterchild) right?
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