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Cafe de Flore

I had to make a trip to Singapore last weekend, my cousin gave birth and it was baby A’s full moon party! Nothing big, but was good to be able to see my relatives =) I did had a little adventurous moment, I totally misread my flight time and ended up in the airport with absolutely nothing but my handbag+phone+wallet+passport+camera (of all things, my camera). Had to purchase everything in JB(I first flew to JB then drove down to Singapore),makeup remover, makeup, clothes and all that jazz.
有些时候呢,人生就会给你一些惊喜,我上个礼拜的惊喜呢,就是自己的糊涂,看错飞机行程表,飞到新山的时候出了身上的衣服,包包+钱包+护照+相机 以外,什么都没带上了。有时候还真的是很佩服我自己啊 -.- 可是整个周末还是挺好玩的。

J brought me to Cafe de Flore on Saturday for photos, but I was more impressed at the building itself. If you are looking at places to take photos in JB but wanting to do it indoors, this might be a good place!
When was the last time you did something for the first time?
在我在新山的期间,J 就安排带我到了这个咖啡馆拍照。说真的,我觉得咖啡店就还好,但是整栋建筑物都特别有风味。喜欢摄影的绝对可以考虑

Food wise it was ok, nothing too fancy but I did enjoy the ambience,was quiet and was brilliant of a place to read a book
I’m a strong believer of remembering the past, but only as a remembrance and not a place to reside in.
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