Hightea with Nobu | 下午茶之约

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Nobu High Tea

Well if you can already guess from the blog title, I’m a little stuck on ideas recently to what I am gonna do for this blog. Whilst I already have determined the direction I want to head towards to, finding the right material and content planning hasn’t quite been the easiest. I find myself often falling back to the same old same stuff, which is bad, so I really need to get out of my comfort zone and do more work. Anyways, did a short tea time at Nobu with May. It’s at RM93 (before tax) per pax. View is amazing, since it’s on the 56th floor but I’m not sure if I’ve fully enjoyed the experience.
其实啊,最近时间比较多了,也比较有时间慢慢坐下来想好自己的blog要发怎么样的文章了。对于要走的方向其实还蛮确定了,只不过想到内容,还可真是头疼。对了,就趁这个机会说下上次去nobu 的经历。说真的,地点的风景还真的不能埋怨的,真的好漂亮,只不过想到食物,就还真的有点失望,一个人也得花上RM93 ,可能就因为这样就期待也高了一些。。看来以后还真的要以平常心去喝下午茶了,总觉得吉隆坡下午茶的水准还有待进步呢

We started off the meal with some really nice green tea. You can really tell when they serve proper green tea but there are some basic stuff that was quite amiss. For one, disposable bamboo chopsticks, well let’s just say I expected more for a restaurant like Nobu. Service was really good but I’m not sure if I was totally in love with the food. Whilst it was really good, a few of the desserts were quite forgettable, and the mains, not all were impressive. I’d go for the view, and just to catch up with a friend but I wouldn’t recommend if you are wanting to go there for food.
说真的,以他们利用的材料,还有食物上的功夫,我真的无可挑剔,只不过味道,可能也是因为自己比较喜欢口味比较重的,所以对这次食物还觉得有点淡了。如果真的要评论的话,我还觉得这家餐厅在细节上还不够仔细,快餐用的竹筷子来吃下午茶,总觉得,还是怪怪的哈哈哈。当然,若你想找个地方和朋友叙叙旧,也不是特别嘴馋的话,这个地方还是可以考虑的,毕竟风景,真的好棒 (虽然 thirty8的风景也特赞)

Can we take a moment to for this skirt bt. I am so smitten with it. Purchased it on taobao and didn’t expect the quality to be THIS good! Sure it did made me look a little like a christmas tree but was it worth it? Yes!


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