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If there’s one place I am particularly fond of JB, it’d be the downtown area of JB. Unfortunately, i don’t think I am the only person who sees the appeal of the place. So finding parking around this area can always be so darn challenging! However, the old buildings, the never ending cool cafes, it’s an amazing street to be in!Plenty of things to play with, we found a swing just outside this really cool ice cream shop
新山好玩之处真的好多,可是我还是真的很钟情这条小巷。当然好地方固然很多人也会喜欢,所以这个地方要找泊车位真的有点小困难呢! 但是找到停车位,相信你的心情也会直接好起来,这个地方咖啡店超多,而且有趣事物也真的很多,是真的个好去处呢


I naturally had a little fun with the swing and just couldn’t resist a photo op! I had my hairs curled for a wedding I had to attend that night and whilst it’s not my usual to go look, I have to say I really really like it! Did made me look a little much older but hey, gotta try new things every now and then ey. Have you been? If so, what’s your favourite cafe?
当路边有个秋千的时候,会放过机会不拍照的绝对不会是我。哈哈哈哈觉得这个地方摄影真的还挺过瘾的,毕竟咖啡店真的好多,有趣事物也真的会很多。头发是因为过后要去参加朋友的婚礼才set 的,自己还是挺喜欢的。你们呢?最喜欢这小巷里的哪一家咖啡厅啊?

Top- Unmasqued
Jeans- Zara
Bag- Blue Label
Shoes- Charles & Keith

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