So I guess this will be my last blogpost for the month of Feb! An intermission, since I’ll be flying off very soon again onto my next trip. Still cannot believe the days just flew past, sure they say you only get 28 days in Feb but that’s just at most 3 days lesser than all the other months so I still can’t get over how quick the month has flown past. This month, I’ve had the luxury of visiting Hong Kong again. Weather was pleasant, cooler when I last visit and learnt so much from the trip, extremely grateful really. I look forward to March because there’s so much exciting things to venture into!
One thing very unexpected, is that I’ve learnt how to love Hong Kong. This place is a shopping paradise if you’ve got spare cash to spend because you can literally find anything! There’s that myth where people in Hong Kong are ruder but I found them pleasant, perhaps some a little jumpier than the other but that’s only because of their hectic lifestyle. If you smile more, say your please and thank you more and trust me, they will warm up too. I’ve also learnt the trip to Hong Kong has sparked quite a fire in me I’ve never known existed. I guess it’s not to find ways to fuel that fire ey =p

Sis & Co

Visited this place over the weekends with May and had the loveliest time here. They had good choices of muscatos as well as beer if you fancy em but the ambiance was fantastic. Mussels were delicious and I really did quite enjoy the combination of the passionfruit muscato (tad sweet) with the spam fries. I thought the price was reasonable too, so if you are feeling to have a decedent lunch without bursting your budget, this is quite a nice Sunday arvo place.
The weather has been quite brutal in KL I have to admit. These flare sleeve top from Zara is perfect and light for the weather. The skirt, I bought them from Hong Kong for just HKD 50, bargain! Sunnies from Shoe Shoes Shoes
裙子- 香港店铺,港币50
太阳眼镜- Shoes Shoes Shoes

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