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We all talk about being nicer to the environment, the effects of global warming but let’s face it, it’s not easy to do the world right when you live in a huge concrete city. We produce waste and pollution on a daily basis it’s actually a surprise if you break your routine down on a like each minute basis and realised you’ve actually produced quite a lot of unnecessary waste. I’ll admit I’m not the best at this, but I do want to try, and I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve learnt from L’occitane’s event on World day with you guys too,

I think the easiest way to reduce waste, is to actually say no when given something you might not need. I’m referring to daily objects such as straws, plastic bags, tissues, paper cups, paper plates. If you need to think about it, you probably don’t need it, and if you by any chance come to actually needing it, you’ll survive without it, trust me. If you are setting a party at home,try using the plates you already have, yes cleaning will be much tougher but your guest will only use one and only one plate and your kids are likely more careful with their food so you’ll get lesser mess around the house.
ok so now we’ve got items we absolutely cannot live without, and personally i get plenty of paperbags/receipts due to my shopping habit but I always opt for email receipts if i can, and I always try and consolidate all my shoppings into one bag. The other way you could consider to reduce wastage/consumption is through planning. Whilst I know it takes alot of effort planning for a weekly meal but you’ll be surprise to see how much you can actually save over the week. You’ll save money, trust me, quite a significant amount actually, and you’ll know exactly what goes into your food because you prep it! Prep the food in advance to save time and you’ll just have to reheat them when it is lunchtime..easy! You can find some lunchbox recipe here. Try and have one main dish that you’ll have over the week, for example, chicken and plan around with your side dishes so you don’t end up spending extra money to have 5 different lunch boxes for work each day.
这一个呢,其实还真的很省钱。。真的,我知道每天去想要吃什么不只烦,而且真的也很费钱,也很容易胖。。所以如果你真的可以的话,就周末开始准备你一个星期下来要带的食物。当然很多东西可以事先准备,然后你放进Tupperware, 带到公司吃了,其实真的可以省下超多钱的。然后啊,因为是你自己准备的,所以你如果要控制的卡路里的话,这个绝对是一个很好的选择。这一来你真的也不会费掉买了却没时间吃的食物。一举很多得呢~
Easy Lunchbox Ideas on Buzzfeed
The things we’ve already have but not sure if we should throw it away can always prove to be quite useful. I personally will always try to get items that packaging can be reused so I always opt for glass packaging or items that comes with a re-fillable pack. Lucky for me my fav body wash from loccitane has an amazingly strong environment awareness so they make sure each and every procedure of theirs works well with environment. You can read more about it here *link*. I also do love Princess Malaysia’s body scrub. They all all natural ingredients and you can always reuse the pretty glass jars for something else in the future.
剩下的,就是那种要考虑是否要丢弃的东西。我个人觉得买之前你可以考虑东西是否有再利用价值,或者说是否有refill package 的东西。比较买refill pack 真的便宜很多。L’occitane 公司自己本身的环保和绿色主义都很强,你如果有这方面的顾虑,可以考虑用他家的物品。他们公司做的每一步骤都会带入不同方面的因素来做。成本当然不会低,但是绝对符合很多不同标准,也给到了客户一个很好的品质保证

L’occitane Malaysia
Princess Malaysia
I did really want to talk about recycling, but I think we all already have quite abit of knowledge on that now so I’ll add some other ideas in instead to how you can reuse your items.
其实真的要说环保的,但是环保这方面我相信大家可能还比我强,所以就还是给大家不同的一下废物利用的idea 吧。当然,这些东西也不会太难看,毕竟我这种视觉动物的人还是没办法接受不好看的东西在我桌上出现啊
1) Reusing cereal boxes. All you gotta do is repaint them
Ideas on Buzzfeed
2) Reusing glass jars. Super handy
Ideas on Brit & Co
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