PICO Genesis with Clique Clinic | 去除伤疤之旅

Last week, I ended up going for my very first scar removal laser treatment with Clique Clinic on their new PICO Genesis machine. So I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I hardly show off legs, mainly because i’ve got so much scars on it. I did a lot of ninjutsu, injuries+dry skin, not the best combination, and on top of it, I went climbing on a mango tree not realizing I’m actually allergic to mango sap.
I remember when I was in high school, I got teased on by guys for my scars on my legs and I ended up crying, but as I grew older, I came to terms with it and decided it ok to have scars, not my ideal situation, but it really shouldn’t affect my decisions to shorts/skirts etc. However, I still always ended up photoshopping to make the scars look less obvious.

Just a quick introduction to the PICO Genesis machine, it is the latest laser machine that helps the removal of pigmentations on the skin. Clique Clinic has the first machine so you won’t be able to find this treatment everywhere else. Incase if you are not used to laser treatments, here’s a quick brief
大约介绍这个镭射仪器。这个还是大马唯一一台PICO Genesis 仪器呢,就Clique Clinic 找得到哦~所以如果你不太认识这个仪器,那我来大约和你介绍一下~

Traditional Laser Treatment 传统镭射疗程

1) Gradual results, meaning you need multiple treatments | 慢性成绩,需要蛮多个疗程
2) Long downtime | 康复时间很慢
3) Painful | 超痛!
4) Results are not as obvious | 效果比较慢
5) Damage to surrounding tissue | 周边的肌肤会伤到

PICO Genesis Treatment | PICO Genesis 疗程

1) Obvious results in just 1/2 sessions | 1-2个疗程直接见效
2) Minimal or no downtime | 几乎没有需要太久的康复时间
3) Minimal pain | 可以接受/几乎不痛 (看你个人,但是我觉得不会很痛)
4) Results are best shown after 4 weeks | 四个星期过后会看到疗程效果
5) Concentration on target without damaging surrounding tissues | 不会伤到周边的肌肤

Works Best On | 有效去除

1) Scar Removal | 疤痕!!
2) Melasma, hyperpigmentations, Sunspots | 斑点,色素斑
3) Tattoo removal | 纹身
4) Pore/Redness reduction | 红斑和毛孔~

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Clique Clinic Website

You can check out the before and after on google | 可以在谷歌找到其他人疗程前后照片对比哦 : *here | 按按按*

So just a share on my procedure, to be honest it was only about 30 minutes so it was a really quick procedure. Took some before photos, which I will share once I get my hands on them, and we started straight into the laser procedure itself. Keeping in mind I only paid for 1 hour parking and I walked out of the clinic before my ticket expired, and this includes the time to taking the before photos, filling up registration form as well as the laser treatment itself. Efficient huh? I did the pores on my face as well as the scars on my leg. My doctor was Dr Goh, super professional so def look for him if you are interested in the treatment
现在到我解释我的疗程咯。其实说真的,整个疗程很快,我其实就付了一个小时的泊车费。进了clique clinic,拍疗程之前的照片,还有填表格啊,在做疗程,整个过程差不多就一个小时而已。就做了脸部,和脚部哦.我的医生就是Dr Goh 啦,如果你们真的有兴趣做这个疗程,可定可以找他
MY Results | 成绩
It's alot of scars, please don't be eating while reading this *CLICK* | 伤疤很多,请不要在吃饭的时候阅读这个文章 *按这边*
RESULTS AS OF 10th MAY | 5月10号

The full results will only be seen after 4 weeks, but I thought I’d keep a journal as we go. It takes 1 week to have the redness completely go away in my case on my face and about 4 days on the legs. I can see that my leg scar has lighten quite significantly, even my dad commented so and it’s only been just a week. As for my face, I’m ridiculously happy with the results, granted it took a little more time than what I expected but damn man, I’ve not realised how pores could make such a difference to the appearance HAHAHAHAH
要完全看出成绩呢,其实总共要等一个月,只不过我现在已经身边好多朋友都在问了,所以就一个星期一个星期这样来po 吧。现在就刚刚好一个星期,脚部和脸部的红肿已经退下去了。脚部在第四天其实就没有红了,腿的疤痕已经看得出开始淡化的迹象。脸部却用了一个星期完全没有红红的感觉,但是脸上的毛孔已经缩小的很夸张!我的姑姑刚刚才说了我的毛孔缩小得很明显,说真的,还没想过毛孔缩小过后对整体脸部看起来有那么大的效果呢!

RESULTS UP TO 10th MAY | 5月10号的效果

2nd Day |第二天效果

3rd-6th Day |第三天-第六天效果

7th & 8th Day |第七天-第八天效果

Face Recovery 5th & 6th Day |脸部第5天-第6天效果

The face isnt as obvious, but I will be uploading a vlog at the end of this post when it’s fully healed and you will be able to see the difference!I’m wearing concealer ONLY in both photos but you can tell the skin is much happier! | 其实看照片脸部,效果没有真人看的好,但是我过后会放上视频,到时候你们就可以看到很明显的差别了。这两张照片只用了遮瑕膏,但是看得出皮肤毛孔真的少了很多
Conclusions as of 11th May | 5月11号的评语
The results on the face is really satisfying, but I haven’t had a serious problem to begin with but I’ve never encounter any machine that gives such drastic results in just one treatment. Granted the full results can only be seen in 3 weeks time, so I’ll keep waiting but I’m a happy kid all together
As for the leg, you can tell in photos that the scars,whilst not gone has lighten up significantly over the week. Keeping in mind that this scar has been with me for at least 10 years, the force is strong with the scar AHHAHA but I do have high hopes for it as you can tell in the photos that it is slowly fading off!


Results after a month | 一个月过后的效果

Conclusions as of June 1st | 6月1号的评语
I have to say after a full month, I’m rather satisfied with a once off treatment. Whilst the scar has not completely disappeared, it has lighten quite significantly on the legs. I think I will probably will need a few more sessions to have it completely removed. Personally I’m not too fussed about the scars as I’ve had it for so many years so the fact it’s lighten has helped quite considerably. I’m travelling again in about 3 weeks time so for now I will just really go all in with whitening lotion to hope I get a desired result for my upcoming summer holiday.

As for the face, I would have to say I’m very much happy with the treatment. I no longer now need applying foundation on my face, as concealer itself is sufficient. My skin tone is also far more even.



ok that’s all for my PICO Genesis journey for now!
好啦,这个PICO Genesis 的分享就到此为止哦~
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