Updates | 你好

It has been quite sometime since I last updated,3 months to be exact but I’ll admit, I got a little uninspired, and I did get a little busy with other life stuff, if you followed me on Instagram you’d know (insta:yukikotan). So much has happened since and I’ve been itching to share so many things onto the blog with you guys too. So I guess the best way to do this, is with a recap.
我终于浪回来了~~~但是说真的如果你还没有follow 我的instagram 的话我也只能说你有点米有我的心*大哭* (insta:yukikotan) 说真的,这一忙,就还真的忙了三月。要写部落格的感觉还真的有点生疏了,但是还真的发生了好多东西,过了一个好漫长的夏日假呢。.就趁这个机会来回顾我这三个月以来忙的事物了
Travel | 旅游
I honestly don’t think it’d be possible to update the blog without having to mention the travellings. I’ve been ever so blessed to be able to go around and experience different cultures this year but I think I’m going to stay put here in Malaysia for the next couple of months(I know I say this often but it never does happen HAHA but I will try this time around). I am still dying to share more travel tips on Western Australia, which I will do in the next couple of blogposts, as well as my summer holiday this year. I also recently just got back from a cruise trip and I have to say it was a very enjoyable trip.
Gym | 健身
Kid you not, I’d tell you this wasn’t part of my plan this year, if you want me to be completely honest, my life… Being healthy always just meant eating happy, sleeping happy, and being happy to me HAHAH but an unexpected decision this year has made me relatively addicted to exercising. Prior to exercising, I’ve had probably 2 sets of gym suitable outfits? I wasn’t planning on buying new gym wear to be honest, but I’ve also been exercising for 5-6 days a week, for just over 2 months going into my 3rd now…So with my new workout regime, I really needed new gym wear, so where else better to go on a shopping spree than on taobao! Fortunately for me, my new gym wear has turned out to be relatively decent, so will be sharing the shops I’ve been making purchases from soon!
Pico Genesis Laser Treatment | 镭射
I’ve also continued with my Pico Genesis Laser to properly reduce my leg scarring. I’ve done 3 sessions so far(plus the first I’ve had) and the scars has def lighten visibly.Will be doing a proper post with before and after photos once it has really recovered from the treatment.
Others | 其他的
I have also been much in loved with bullet journaling as well as started a couple of projects. Will share them with you guys soon but for now, leave me a comment if you do bullet journaling too?
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