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It’s been a while, quite a fair bit has happened, but life is still good, very good actually and I’m back, for good.There’s so much I’d like to share but I’m not quite sure where to start but I guess we gotta do it somewhere ey.Just a quick update on last year’s hiatus, it’s mainly because I spent most my 2017 out of KL, especially on the weekends in a new city, and I have to say, it was good. I wasn’t expecting myself to like those places as much as I did KL(which isn’t alot, but lets be honest, my heart belongs to Perth), but I did. I went on plenty family trips in 2017,which I’m extremely grateful for, but I’d get more into details with that in abit. Probs wanna share something different today.
就这样,不知不觉,就消失了超过一年了。 有时候想想还真的很对不起我的部落格,也不知道还有没有人来看我的部落格哈哈哈哈。但是我也休息够了。 去年啊,真的会灰了好多地方,也学了好多,得到了好多新的经验。想想一直以来也一直在写旅游的经验,今天,来个不同的吧?哎呀,可以啦,反正我那么久没写部落格了,相信,你么也忘了我的样子了吧哈哈哈哈
I have a lipstick addiction

If you know me, you’d know I’d have an unhealthy obsession lipsticks. I don’t usually try to wear alot of makeup but I just really enjoy buying lipsticks. I think about a year and half ago I did a series where I’d wear different lipsticks everyday, for a good month in hopes to reach out to the lipsticks I’ve never once used. I’ll be honest, I had so much fun and I thought why not try it again. I had my friends participate and picked out random numbers and from there I took whatever that was according to the number from my stash, and used it for that day. So here are the one I ended up with for the week, behold my lipstick diary
Day 1

Estee Lauder in F7 Magnetic Magenta
This was quite an unusual color pick for me to be honest. The only reason why I had this was because they came in a giftset of 3. It’s shimmery, bright pink and not matte, which doesn’t check any boxes when it comes to my preferences of choosing a lipstick hahahah but still, I kinda liked how it glided onto the lips very well, didn’t stay too long tho so I had to reapply it a fair bit
老实说,我喜欢的口红有三个特征,深红,哑光,不要粉红粉红的。 这口红,就恰恰对上了我的三个致命伤。 先说好了,这口红不是我买的,礼篮送了三个,还真的没开过来用。但是穿起来的效果意外的不错下,


Day 2
Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in color 34 La Raffinee

I almost forgot how much I liked wearing Chanel lipsticks. This color was such a beautiful color for an everyday use. The formulation is creamy, glides on like butter but like every other Chanel lipstick I have, it didn’t stay on for the longest time. I didn’t really mind this as the formulation was really good and I really did like reapplying it. Def one of my favourite wears during the week

差点就忘了香奈儿的口红的好处了。最近有新欢喜,所以,哈哈哈我的香奈儿口红也就这样被我搁在一边了。 但是说真的这口红还真的超好涂的,有上色,也不会让自己的嘴唇干干的,但是,就好像其他香奈儿口红一般,都不怎么耐。可这也好,反正拿着香奈儿口红补色的感觉,还是挺不错的。
Day 3
Maybelline in 72ND01
I honestly wished I could tell you a prettier name for the lipstick but I picked this up when I was in Japan and apart from big huge code names, the only other thing it wrote in japanese was Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick, which I’m quite sure isn’t the name for this particular color. Like every other Maybelline lipstick, this was really good for value. Pigmentation is great and of course a lipstick you’d had to reapply every few hours. For a matte lip color, this def doesn’t dry you out so it’s a great way to start a red lipstick if you aren’t quite keen to splurge on something expensive just yet, or if you like me, just want to expand your collection without breaking the bank
Day 4
Bourjois in 14 Plum Plum Girl Matte Finish
Then of course we had Bourjois. I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my favourite matte finish lipstick but it def wasn’t as drying as I thought it’d be. I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed the watery application as I do prefer my lipsticks to be creamier. However, if you are looking for like almost a lipstain look but not quite sure if you want to give up on your lipsticks yet, this is a great way to start
Day 5
YSL in color 12
Unfortunately this is my least fav pick of the week. I’ve tried various YSL lipsticks and I def have to say I have my favourites on their newer collections instead.This wasn’t bad at all, it just didn’t really impress me. I did however try a different way to wear this lipstick. Used it in inner lips and I guess the color isn’t too bad, probs good for a korean inspired makeup look.
好啦,最后一个口红啦,很可惜,这确实还是我整个星期最不喜欢的一个口红。那肯定也不完全是YSL 的错,错就错于最近的YSL 口红都超好用! 相比之下,这个,就还真的逊色了很多。可能也不太喜欢这个口红吧,所以就直接画了一个咬唇效果的妆,感觉,还挺韩系的吧(嘴唇而已)
And that is it for my blogpost this time around. I know I’ve been on a hiatus but I am back, for good, I promise. I’m travelling actually first thing in the morning to Europe but I am sure to be updating this space as frequent as I can. I have much to tell, but for now, if you’d like to stay updated, please do follow me on my instagram at @yukikotan
好啦,就到此,我也知道我消失了很久,但是过后就要飞了,所以有机会就一定会回来开始写我的旅游篇啦~如果觉得有想看我旅游在干嘛,那就可以到我的instagram @油鸡哥蛋 追踪我哦~
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