RMCO Week 2

One thing the recovery movement control lockdown(RMCO) has really proven to me is that I really can stay home for a very VERY long time. I have been really trying to up my vlogging game but all I have are footages of me working on my laptop on my sofa , with the cat who refuse to give me personal space.

What is personal space ma?Does that mean we can share more things together?


I really need to go out more

oh ya…right, we are still in RMCO


I did however manage to sneak out for lunch with Yumi for a quick while..well more like I had a sudden power shortage at the apartment because they were doing maintenance works and Yumi was supposingly working from home..and no WIFI is not a good thing to have when you are trying to work

Then we had my absolute fav festival of the year, well not really but like food wise yes my absolute fav.. the Dumpling Festival! Bought about 10 of these from @pureglutton and it’s absolute delish!


My cousin started a small project where they’d bake to raise funds to provide refuge for refugees. 100% profits do go to the organization and the cake is great!

Draw me like one of your french cats

But yeah, pretty good week I’ll say. Spent plenty of time learning new skills , and also learning to get to know myself better throughout this lockdown period. Def gonna try and do more so I have more vlogging content but here’s my week in a nutshell!

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