First half of 2021

So before I dive into a recap of the first half of 2021, I hope the recent FMCO is treating everyone well. Still a little in disbelief that we are in another lockdown again, but then again it feels like we’ve never gotten out of the second one either.
Thought I’d share with you guys my recent little haul with BATA Malaysia. To be fair I haven’t been shopping much , given that I hardly leave the house anymore given the rising Covid-19 cases but sometimes it’s really difficult to resist good deals hahaha

My clothing style has changed to something even more relaxed, gone are the days where I actually go through my closet to think what I’d wear, as I only reach out to the same few outfits now so I can work from home more comfortably.In the rare occasion that I do leave the house, I prefer wearing slip on loafers and sandals, which is also the reason why I picked the shoes I did from BATA haha, can’t wait for vaccination to be readily accessible to everyone so we can achieve herd immunity faster.

For those who are interested, you can find the items on BATA’s Marie Claires Range. You’ll get 10% off your first online purchase as well so I reckon that’s a pretty good deal. They also do have quite alot of different promotion from time to time so you can always follow them on their instagram and wait for the right time to make your purchase. My 3 items had free shipping, and cost just slightly under RM270 for all three items.

I’m not quite sure if I’m entirely proud of this purchase hahaha. I bought a chain necklace to hook my facemask so I won’t have to constantly keep the facemask in my bag when I’m not wearing it. A little sad that I actually bought something to accessorise the facemask , and that wearing mask is is now and probably the near future new normal.

I guess I’m doing ok emotionally, def pretty lucky I’ve always been able to work from home but the “just waiting” for things to get better status can be quite mentally straining. That said, I’m still extremely grateful to be in a position where I get to stay safe at home and that my family can do the same whilst things get better.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

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