2024 February Snippets

It’s been awhile

Moving abroad has never been easy but living by the ocean makes it a slight better

2023 has been an interesting one for me. I now have a little one year old stalking me everywhere. Pretty weird feeling to have someone so little so obsessed with you XD

The weather is warming up so that’s a nice change, and days are getting longer too so I’m looking forward to creating more content with the little one but here’s more photos of the pier

Chinese New Year was def a different one this year. We decided to do something different and went glamping at Autocamp at Russian River. I’ve seen tons of photos and reviews on XHS(awesome chinese app for content and photo inspiration) and have always wanted to experience it. It unfortunately was a rainy week so we didn’t get to do much sight seeing,but it did made us spend alot of time within the campgrounds and caravan which my dotter really enjoyed.

started a campfire and made dinner the first night, was def a good idea to do hotpot

Took the opp to also take some CNY photos. Loving the little outfit i got from Taobao for izzy

I want to write more, but i honestly haven’t feel very inspired the past two years to write anything else but hopefully this is going to be a good start picking up old habits again.

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