All you need, is a good curry laksa.

Met up with Shon the other day for lunch


headed over to David’s Laska shop the other day
Laksa Panmee
The store is located opposite Sunway College’ side gate.

The menu

I’ve always been a huge fan for Pan mee,  and curry laksa

Curry Laksa Panmee,
boy was I happy.

I strongly recommend the Curry Laksa Panmee,


Thick, yummy curry broth.

I mean, look at the picture of the food.

Me and Shon left the place feeling superbly happy and satisfied=D

I can’t really remember the name of the street but it is fairly simple to find the place.
Opposite the side gate entrance of Sunway College.

Place closes at 3.30pm most the time but the food is often sold out by 2-ish so if you do want to go make sure you rock up early!


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