Greetings from Perth

Sorry for the lack of updates last week!
Just a really quick one because I feel horrible neglecting my blog
I’m back in Perth for a lil while (yay!)
Can’t wait for the wedding

Well upon arrival, we’ve had this mystery of the missing cardigan(it’s a long story I’ll get back to that later..actually I’ll do it now)

So Tom picked me up from the airport, then we went over to Nedlands to pick up some stuff. I left my cardi in the car and when we got back the cardi has gone MISSING!!

like what? We’ve left the car not more than 10 minutes and I am very very sure I didn’t bring the cardi down either!

and it’s my fav cardi=(

then even more bad news,
My lens is faulty=( So my camera’s down for now so photos are just from the phone but I’m gonna be stealing Tom’s lens for the Avon Valley trip tomorrow=)

Perth is still amazingly beautiful

photos are all unedited taken from my Iphone 4s

Along mt bays road.

Weather was beautiful so we decided to head down to the beach

With Dan!

I Love love love love love the sun! it’s such an amazing day!

And the cute lil van that was parked alongside the road.

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coz i’m gonna be updating much more on there =D
Till next time guys=)
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