Thank you Perth

A little of a throwback post. Thinking back, Perth weather has been exceptionally kind to me. The continuous 10 days of bright sunny warm days. I’m hoping my China trip will be as good, warm weather, not too much of my thing so hoping the weather will cool down next week!
but back to my throwback post
So the other day Wilson picked me up for lunch and we thought we’d head to East Perth to chill since it was such a sunny day. It’s been a little while since I last step foot in East Perth but man, does it look as amazing.

Settled at Toast and ordered their crepes. I had the savory one, as usual but didn’t manage to get a good photo of it coz we were so hungry by then all we wanted to do was just eat.

and decided to stroll around for photos after our lunch.

lol at the old man who was photobombing

But thank you Perth for the beautiful weather, you’ve given me beautiful flowers even with the chilly nights

I’ll see you pretty soon I’m sure, just, not during summer

I would love to write you a love letter, but let’s be real, I’m not quite of a poet so you’ll have to settle with photos HAHA.

and thanks for all the amazing memories and photo opps you’ve given! It’s been such an amazing trip back

Have a great day guys!

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