Noboribetsu Omoide |登别回忆

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I’ve been to Noboribetsu a long long time ago, but to be honest, I don’t even remember being there. All I could remember was me being in the outdoor onsen whilst seeing the snow fall, and I could only remember taking photos with the Oni at Jigokugo, well I was young, and anything that was named Jigoku(which means hell) was bound to leave an impression on me
登别的地狱之谷,我好久以前就去过了。对于北海道的回忆,我还真的只记得自己在户外泡过温泉,记得那时候还在下雪,雪地里泡着温泉的感觉,真的好过瘾啊。那时候还小,就也记不起地点的名字了,就记得那个地点好多个Oni(鬼), 也有个很大个的地狱之谷的牌子。至于那时候还做了什么,我就真的不怎么记得了哈哈哈(小时候带我出国还真的好浪费钱)
Purchasing Tickets|买票
Purchasing the tickets wasn’t too difficult, but you have to make sure you check the time table*click here* We topped up a 380 yen for the Suzuran express(otherwise it would have took us 3 hours) and the whole train ride took about an hour and 10 minutes to our desination
Honestly, train rides are so comfortable in Japan
买票就简单了,在Sapporo 总站买了票(这边看价钱和时间)然后额外加上 380 yen 买了Suzuran express(不然车程都需要三个小时多), 花了一个小时十分钟就会抵达登别了。

Noboribetsu’s famous for amazing hotsprings,the place, obviously because it’s a hotspring area, you’ll smell sulphur and see hot springs smoke and fog everywhere
Their Yukijin, which are the demons that safe guard the hot springs in Noboribetsu. So you’ll see plenty of statues of their Yukijin around. It’s quite interesting to be able to see how you’ll have different oni around the areas. I hopped on the bus, and headed straight to the place I’ve been itching to visit.
Edo Jidai-Mura|江戸時代村 

Yes, I’m a Ninja enthusiast and I practice Ninjutsu(no I’m not kidding)


I got off the stop at Edo Jidaimura (stop 4) and walked straight to the counter to purchase my ticket for the entrance to this village. If you know anything of a ninja history, you’ll be familiar with the term Edo Jidai, which is an era where they had a rich Ninja, samurai history. So think, Ruroni Kenshin(you can just skip this paragraph if you aren’t interested), the setting of the timeline, the houses and everything, you’ll see it in this era, which is really really cool to me

You can play shurinken games, watch ninja performance shows and visit this interesting ninja house whilst you are here, personally I had plenty of fun but if you aren’t into stuff like that I’d really suggest giving this place a miss hahaha!

Left 左:Ninja House|忍者屋
Right 右: Ninja Performance|忍者表演

And when I was all done with photos and done freezing my fingers ( it was below 5 degrees and I had no gloves with me!) I hopped on a cab(missed my last bus) and headed straight to the onsen area
拍完照了过后,自己把自己手指给冻爽了后(我忘了手套)就打了出租车去温泉去了 (我时间安排不太好,就错过了之前的巴士)
The cab driver was a chatty one, he explained that the road he took was one that would open up with sakura flowers in May. So if you are stressing because you cannot make it to Japan this month and will be missing out on Sakura flowers, perhaps giving Noboribestu a thought because of the climate, they have spring quite late in the year. We drove past this national forest which is so beautiful, bare but beautiful and I can only imagine how amazing it will look during autumn
Photo credits: here
出租车师傅就很热情的和我解释登别不同的观光景点。我们还经过了一条都是种了樱花树的道路。北海道天气还算事冬季,所以花朵都还没开放。你如果四月都懊恼没办法去了日本看樱花的话,真的可以考虑五月到登别一趟哦。 我们还经过了一座山,哇,虽然说是冬天,可是还是真的好壮观,我想秋天过来的话,应该会特别特别漂亮了
Jigoku Dani|地獄谷温泉 

As for Noboribetsu Onsen, there wasn’t much I can share about the place because the itinerary of what you should do is really go in, pay for an onsen spa entrance fee (click here) and enjoy the rest of your evening at the Onsens. It is a truly interesting experience for those who are keen and those who love their onsens because they really do have a good selection of onsens for your to pick from.


And that is it for my Noboribetsu entry! I hope you guys have enjoyed it

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