Adventures of Mr Zebra in Penang | 鸡不拉槟城记

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So if you guys follow my snapchat (id: yukikotan) you’d know that I was in Penang the last weekend for a wedding. Drove up with a few friends and made a stop in Ipoh before we arrived in Penang and had an amazing time catching up with people I’ve not seen in ages.
如果你们有follow 我的snapchat,就应该知道我上个周末去了槟城~ 就为了参加我好朋友的婚礼。说真的,这次的行程还真的挺开心的,遇到了很多好久没见的朋友,也第一次有勇气尝试在空中飞翔的感觉

Adventures of Mr Zebra | 鸡不拉槟城篇
Right, so let me first introduce you to Mr Zebra.Mr Zebra was born because well, me and Erika thought it’d be pretty cool to have it on Dan’s arm
His fav? Teh Tarik of course!
But Mr Zebra was adventurous, and he wanted to try more food! So off he left for an adventure.
Crossed the Penang strait with the ferry, and found a few new friends too, and did some naughty zebra activities whilst he was at it! But his fav would still have to be the food

Penang |槟城
Right, on to more serious stuff. So we stayed at this place in Penang that was pretty good! It’s located on Batu Ferringhi, prices were really worth it for the rooms we got but if you wanted sea view then this aint the place for you but if you are thinking of having a good night rest but not quite willing to spend so much money, this is a pretty darn good option. It’s Roomies Suites
好啦,正经事。这次在槟城住的酒店还蛮舒适的。价钱也绝对很合理。有兴趣的人可以考虑看看哦~就在于Batu Ferringhi 那条路哦~
Roomies Penang

The wedding photolog |婚礼照片

Enjoy the video and till my next post!
Photo credit : pointfourfive
Parasailing in Penang by Pointfourfive

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