Vienna in 36 hours | 维也纳

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Things you must have for a free and easy trip in Europe(apart from your passport of course) 必备(除了护照)
  • Europass 火车票
  • Your phone 电话
  • Internet Connection 互联网
See that white device on my left? Well that, is my life saviour. I had myself a wifi device from Travel Recommends and it was perhaps the best decision I’ve made throughout the trip. The device itself was slightly bigger than usual, but the battery lasted me my full day whilst I was in Europe so even when the device came with complimentary external battery for me to bring around, I never ended up using it。看到我左边的那个白色仪器吗?那个就是我的救命恩人了(典型没网络会死人一族)这次租这个仪器虽然是比较大了一些,可是讯号还真的很好,然后重点是他的电池容量很好!电池可以直接耐上我一天的使用也不必充电,超方便的。比较哪种小小仪器但是要带上充电器放多了
The hotel we stayed in Vienna was great It was really convenient as it was just opposite the train station and the amenities was so good in this hotel! It was perhaps our fav hotel stay with really really good location too!
Getting Around|交通
Then the best way for us to get around the city like a tourist, was of course to do the hop on-off bus!but of course if you aren’t too keen with the idea and only plan to do a few places through this 36 hours, you can always consider Uber. We did uber to go back to our hotel and it was really really cheap(around 3-4 Euro?) so why not! but the hop on and off was great, we did manage to see quite alot, and given it’s summer, we had plenty of daytime sunlight to walk around too

Watching the orchestra was a must, I personally wasn’t an orchestra/symphony person but you just gotta do what you do when you are Vienna. I did really end up enjoying it though, and would def highly recommend it to those who are in town too.

We were lucky enough to actually meet one of the local festivals and had a great time at the food booth!
Schönbrunn Palace
This palace, is my fav,and I cannot justify how pretty this place is too! Did you know that schonbrunn yellow is the yellow they use to describe the buildings color, but anyways the grounds of this place is massive, and my fav would have to be the maze and gardens behind the palace.


And that was a wrap for my 36 hours in Vienna. To be fair to the city I’m sure they’ve got so much more to offer! The music, the food and the people are great! I did wished I had a little more time but Budapest awaits! My Europe trip was mainly like this bt, coz mom wanted to cover as many cities as we could to justify the price we paid for our europass(typical chinese lol) but Vienna is def on my to come back list now
结果就这样在维也纳度过了36个小时。说真的这次旅游还蛮走马看花的,主要也是因为妈妈想在最短时间去最多的国家(典型kiasu 型哈哈哈哈哈)可是也好,自己也很肯定的说要再次回来维也纳。我真的真的真的好喜欢它们的皇宫花园,觉得下次来应该想在这呆上半天慢慢在他们的迷宫走
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