Prague memories | 布拉格之恋

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If there’s anywhere in the world that could (well so far) replace how I feel about Kyoto, it’d be Prague. I cannot believe how in love I felt towards this city. To be fair, the weather was amazing. It was around a nice 13-15 degrees, which is really really good for a summer weather(for me anyways since I really dislike the heat). Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ve appreciated our stay as much so I won’t be recommending the place. It’s right smack in the busiest city, which is very convenient but the amenities and the condition of the room was just..meh..not a big fan
The view though, is brilliant. All you gotta do is have your windows open and you’ll see the buildings of Prague. Prague I would have to say has it the luckiest after WWII. Most their buildings are well kept and was lucky enough to not be destroyed during the period of the war.
Prague isn’t just a city, but an entity of some kind.Sezin Koehler


Collecting digital memories as we go

Then we rented ourselves a really old school vintage car, toured around the city and had a blast! I am a sucker for anything vintage so this car just stole my heart away!

Ended up having lunch at the with a breathtaking view
And that is it for my Prague journey! Will be updating on Hallstat/Salzburg and Linz next round! Have a great weekend guys!
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