Take a break!

Half the year of 2012 has passed.

Living in the city, whilst it is good, can be extremely tiring too

Big concrete jungles, pretty with bright neon lights, but also extremely suffocating if you don’t give yourself a breather every now and then.

Feeling stressed out?
So then why not we all take a walk together online=p

Let’s take a walk through Kings Park

See, now that’s not too bad now is it?

It’s time to see this world in a different light

2012, It’s as though as I’ve put on new sunnies,
Now that I’m done with studies, things does seem quite different now.

Well, I def don’t miss uni=p (Do you?)

Blue skies and pretty greens is always a good motivation to turn the lappie off(well at least, finish reading my post!) But I def miss walking down Perth’s foreshore without having being mozzie food.

Imagine the warm sunlight, fresh air after the rain

Or maybe you could make new friends with the animals today.
And this was perhaps the picture that made me realised that I hate birds. ah for no specific reasons,maybe it’s because it CONSTANTLY ATTACKS ME?

Thanks Wilson for being my model
Still remember this convo pretty well
W: Hey, could you take a photo of me feeding the birds?
Y: What.. the birds? You sure? They’d attack us you know..
W: Don’t worry…come closer!
Y: Nah. I’m happy where I’m at.

So now that we’re nearly done with our walk, and the sun is setting
Let’s go the best spot in town and it’s time to watch mother nature do her magic!

or maybe you could go around feeding birds again( I know I def wont be joining)

Capture the moment and make it into paper memories

So that’s about it!
Today’s about to end now.
Are you excited for tomorrow yet?

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