Say what? you have stretch marks that you absolutely want to get rid of?

Try Strivectin! They’ve sold about 6 mil??? of StriVectin-SD globally. 
Clinically proven and love by heaps of users.. And now, they are launching their latest skin care range!

Presenting the Strivectin-WH Photo-White!

Targets the hyper pigmentation of the skin helps you whiten your skin to give you a much radiant look!

Was fortunate enough to be invited, with some of the other beauty bloggers to try out the new product of their skin care range

StriVectin-WH Photo-White
Works as a complete whitening/brightening cream
Obvious results after 6 weeks!

Obviously, being asians, we are often worried that the products are not that much suitable for our skins, but fear not!

Strivectin-WH Photo-White is developed specially for Asian skin and also clinically tested and proven results on Asian Skin!

What makes them so different?

They have the addition of NIA-114, which is patented to their comapny, which is designed to help deliver niacin into our skin. Niacin is known to repair skin damage and helps us rebuild skin layers.

The StriVectin-WH Photo White Night cream is def a must for those who enjoys putting a luxurious skin care before they go to bed. Who doesn’t like waking up with a glowy skin?

Thanks for the amazing doorgift!

and also the food provided =)

Can’t wait to try the products out and do a review on it soon again!

StriVectin-WH Photo-White will be in the market around August 2012!

Check out their page if you need more info at

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