Photolog time

And it’s the time of the week for some photologs update!

Photos from my spontaneous 4 hour trip to PD and my super backdated trip on Thailand(will blog about it in detail if I have more time)

Guess I was complaining too much about not being a 20 minutes drive away from the beach so Nate decided to spontaneously drive us down the other day.
Port Dickson

Was good just to see the beach again, eventhough it was only for a short hour or so,the beach was pretty dirty imo but still, good to see a beach again.

Can’t wait for October again, Cottesloe here I come!

Anyways, off to Bangkok!

Hello free upgrades, I guess waiting after all does pay off pretty well!

Chatuchak roadside food. The quail eggs does look pretty intimidating. Imagine the cholesterol mann

Decided to play safe, don’t think you can go wrong with this right?

See that building behind all the cars and all? That’s Platinum mall, I spent all 3 of my days there shopping =D

oh and some fried rice we had for breakfast

Had so many cups of these stuff I swear, the weather was just too hot!

Thought some popsicle was gonna cheer us up! Does look pretty cool though don’t you think? Though I couldn’t help to think that maybe, just maybe one of these contains some creepy crawlies by accident

Some grapes wanna be looking fruit.
SO SOUR! I had just one bite and that was it, whoa, I really thought it was grapes=( so much for being excited.

Oh, the popsicle we had? IT WAS SALTY

I guess it was to reduce the freezing point so the popsicle would freeze easier in the weather but still!!!
Salty coca cola flavoured popsicle… I don’t think I quite enjoy it

The boy was a happy one, found a pair of sunnies at Chatuchak that he really liked.

I enjoy photologging,
tell me if you enjoyed reading it to so maybe I’ll make it a weekly thing=)

Till next time

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