Red Bean Bag

Went out for brunch with Melissa(She’s sooo pretty!) the other day

Mel suggested Red Bean Bag at Publika…

I’m super loving the ambience of the place. I thought they did a pretty darn good job in bringing Melbourne to KL!

Some table decorations

and I turned to my side and found lightbulbs(can you believe it!) as their decorations!

they even had teddy bears hanging off the wall, well kinda. Really was tempted to steal the bear home. It looks so lonely up there.=(

Mel’s OOTD

and mine

Ordered the typical convicts

My absolute fav Croque Monsieur

Mel was feeling for something sweet(she had breakfast before) so she decided to go for their French Toast

The 2 items we ordered tasted really decent!
The french toast does taste really yum tho! I would recommend both these items on their menu for breakfast!

I thought the prices were pretty reasonable given the location of the place and also the whole type of food they serve. Our bill came up to less than RM50!

I loved the place so much so I actually dragged Nate to the cafe the next day(will blog more about it in my *hopefully* next post)

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