BKK back to bangkok

So 2 months after my trip to Bangkok, the parents decided to pull a last minute trip to Bangkok.

When I say last minute, I meant less than a 20 hour notice =.=
Nate had the funniest expression

Yukiko: Hey, we are going to have to go to Bangkok tomorrow
Nate: Ohh you guys have fun then
Yukiko: No, I mean we as in you are are going too
Nate: ohh..HUH?? ME TOO?

With very last minute bookings on flights and also for rooms, we were off the next day to the land of shopping(I don’t know but that’s how I see Bangkok)

Landed and headed straight to our hotel
Cousin strongly recommended the place so we decided to go with it and man we were pretty glad we did. The service apartment is AMAZING

Walked in the place and this is how it looks like at the lobby.

Couldn’t resist taking a photo of the pretty chandelier above us.

Checked in and headed to our rooms. Was staying at the 16th floor. Didn’t really know what to expect so when we opened our doors, we were pretty super happy and excited.

For the price we were paying(about RM300 a night inclusive of breakfast, also do keep in mind that we booked the place less than a day before the date of arrival), this place was such a treat!
Comfortably spaced out rooms with a superly fluffy bed.

Furnished with a nice TV, a working desk and also a small chill out area.

Not forgetting the bathroom. Love love love it when hotel bathrooms has bathtubs in it=D

and that’s not all! this place has..wait for it


like wow? even has hotplates and stuff if you ever want to cook, the fridge is spacious so plenty of space for storage. Found this really convi if you are staying for a few nights and you want to try out some of their local frozen food(as you can see they also have a microwave)
Was beyond satisfied with the hotel!

The breakfast of the hotel that was included was also decent. I mean you don’t get cheap yucky limited selection for breakfast but a nicely spread out selection with a chef at the side ready to cook your eggs the way you whichever way you’d like your eggs to be done.Yums.(completely forgot to take photos of the place eeks sorry!)

Anyways, after having all our luggages sorted out, we headed down to the streets trying to scout for lunch.
oh and before, always a camwhore photo to start the trip!

Was waaay too hungry so we decided to stop by this street stall for food.

Guess in Thai you always have PadThai?

Oyster Omelette

and of course, being the rice person Nate is, we always will have rice dishes.

Went over to terminal 21 for some shopping.
The shopping mall itself is a concept shopping mall. Each floor has a different theme after the different countries around the world. The entrance for the shopping mall is designed like an airport so you kinda fly off to different countries(levels) if that makes sense.

I’ve been here the last time so I spent most myself eating at the basement where all the yummy food stuff were.

Super inlove with these ice cream mochi! the milk tea ones(right) is yummm!

Theeen, we saw this

What on earth right?

yup, liquid nitrogen ice cream, our curiosity got the better of us so we decided to have one of it.

Lucky she had to remake it

I have to admit tho, I really like the ice cream. Taste a little like sorbet but a much much more silkier and creamier texture. I like!

Nate wandered around and took a few more cute photos while i was busy eating my ice cream but this is my fav photo of all=)

That night itself we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at Mahanaga.

Read heaps of good reviews online so we decided to give it a shot

The ambience for the place was amazing, it’s so romantically lit with chandelier lights and heaps of the thai elements for the decor so it made it feel very classy

Didn’t manage to take much photos because the lighting for photography was really baad but I did manage to take a photo of the Tom Yam Cola

to be really honest I don’t think Tom Yum and Cola goes well together lol

and the margherita

Verdict? Place was pretty good, considering the ambience and food was decent. Pricing wise, not so much because its far more expensive that the other restaurants that you get in Thailand. However, if you are going for a couple date and you don’t mind splurging, this place is pretty decent.

And that was a wrap for day 1. Won’t be posting about day 2 as we didn’t take any photos on that day. But I’ll be posting up about the 3rd day really soon!

Till then guys!

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