Dubai prelude

As promised,
Here’s my update for my Dubai Trip. This time around we took about 800+ pictures(considering it’s quite a fair bit since I don’t go camera shutter happy) so I’m gonna be blogging the trip day by day.

So we left Malaysia around the evening time,
Flight is about 6 hours and this time around we manage to catch the A380 airplane via Emirates to Dubai

The Airbus A380 is by far the biggest plane I’ve sat in and perhaps the only plane I’ve been to that offers Wifi services(With charge of course)and the only plane I’ve boarded that has a lower and upper deck for the economy class and the first/business class flyers.
The seats were quite spacious and it did manage to recline to a comfortable position to rest.

Photo credits to

In flight entertainment was such a life saviour, I was so entertained throughout the flight with the inflight programs that I didn’t even find the 6 hours too difficult to fly in.

First thing Nate did was check out the movies and tv list

Def much happier of a flier this time round. Our last flight to Perth with AirAsia(5 hours) felt so much longer.

Flying 6 hours provides you with snacks, a main meal and desserts,
Me being me ordered wine(It’s complimentary unless you order champagne, which will then charge you an extra 15USD),

Didn’t manage to get a good photo of the main meals and the desserts as it was about night time and they switched the cabin lights off.
But this however gave me a chance to take a photo of the ceiling. Can you believe it had fiber optics installed to give it that starry night look? So pretty!

So after the 6 hours, we managed to arrive at the airport

Not much pictures this time around as we were busy going through customs.

Then our bus came and we headed towards the hotel that we were gonna be bunking in for the next 3 nights.
Marina Byblos Hotel

Got to our room and this is how it looks

Room was def very marina-ish if you asked me


Manage to do a quick video before I went to bed.

Overall if you asked me about the hotel, I would say that I would recommend going elsewhere for the hotel. Would def be staying elsewhere if I had a chance to come back to Dubai.
It wasn’t thaaat bad considering that they had really friendly services but I would have kinda hoped that it would at least provide the basic amenities such as toothbrushes/toothpaste and so on.
And they had no free wifi =.=
that was pretty depressing

But the next few days was quite fun! So stay tuned for my blogpost on that!
oh and guys,
Have a very Happy Christmas!

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