Dubai Day 1, Part 1

I didn’t realise this but maaaan, there’s quite alot of information that I wanna share on our first day of the Dubai adventure. So I’m gonna be splitting day 1 into 2 post
So…Let’s get started!
Morning came! So thus begins our lil adventure in Dubai!
Here’s a lil video of the breakfast place at our hotel.
Best food was the eggs hah, but I guess we needed quite a fair bit of protein in our diet so all good

Sleepy head in the morning,

Our first destination, the Palm Jumeirah

Let’s have a quick read about the history of this place.
This artificial island is about 5 KM by 5KM long and is one of the smallest and also the original of the three Palm Islands in UAE.
As you can see from the picture, it consist a tree trunk, which has mostly service apartmnets built and the crown around the palm itself is acts also as a barrier to protect the buildings in the islands if there were to be any rough waves.

We took the budget way, caught the monorail to view the whole area.
Even the ticket itself had the biggest hotel in Dubai(1539 rooms) , The Atlantis printed on the ticket.

So this is the Atlantis, of course it’s not the first atlantis hotel(the other one is in Nassau, Bahamas, which I was lucky enough to visit last christmas). The building looks identical if compared to the one in Bahamas if you asked me, same stuff, having the royal bridge suite (imo the most interesting thing about the hotel itself.)
The suite is 924 square metres, and it offers a 180′ views of the Palm and the Arabian Sea.
You can check out their virtual tour of the room from this “link

Super pretty, the architecture was just plain amazing. Everything was really clean and pretty and the roads were really spacious as well!

oh and btw, did you know, 50% of the buildings in Dubai was built in within the past 10 years? Talk about fast construction and development work!

Then we headed over to Burj Al-Arab, standing at 321m, it is the forth tallest hotel in the world. Also the only seven-star hotel known(officially 5 stars). It is located at one of the most expensive and exclusive area to live in Dubai and the rooms vary from $11000 to $45000 per night.
Wow right(I wouldn’t mind staying there for a few nights if I could ever in my life afford it)

Well if we can’t stay in there, might as well take a photo with it right=p (Btw, you could only enter the hotel if you’ve had a reservation, so no lobby tour in our case =( )

It wasn’t too depressing tho, the beach itself was beautiful!Water was so crystal clear, in fact much clearer than the beaches in Perth city!!

A panoramic view, Photo taken by my NX1000

and when we were done with that, we had to get on a boat to get across the river.

Wanna know where we are heading? Well stay tuned for my next post on my Dubai Trip!

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