Dubai Day 1 Part 2!

So yes, the arvo came and we headed off for lunch

This was our very first proper meal in Dubai(not considering our breakfast that we had in the hotel) so I was really looking forward for some decent food.

You know what they say about not judging a book by it’s cover?

Yeah I could say you could do the same for the food.
Man it was perhaps the worst food I’ve had! The caesar salad was perhaps the only thing that was considered edible, and the chicken for our main was horrible! It tasted so much like plastic even if I was  mega hungry at that point, I didn’t even want to take another bite. They also had a minestrone soup which was really bland so there wasn’t even a point to take a photo of it.

Disappointed with our food, we decided to head to the museum that was next to the restaurant.
Here, we saw a little bit of what Dubai was about 40-50 years back before oil was discovered.

People still living in huts and the houses all had no electricity. They lived mostly near the gulf or near a water source and one of their main economy back then was pearl-ing or fishing.

We only had about half hour around the museum but it was sufficient given the size of the place. It was then on our itinerary(we did a group tour), to go 4 wheel driving in the deserts.

Drove about 45 minutes out of the city and here we are, a land of really nothing but sand , sands and more sands

Man in the dessert

of course couldn’t resist doing some jump photos.

But seriously, imagine being trap in the desert with limited water supply and under the hot scorching weather?

Yeah I’m quite sure I’ll pass

So anyways, we all got into the 4 wheel drive cars and you know what, the bad lunch didn’t turn out too bad after all. Had I ate more during lunch, I probably would have been so car sick by the end of the journey.
Our cars,

It was fun though! Driving down sand dunes about 2 levels high, our car went nearly at a 70″ angle downwards !
They actually spilt us up into 2 groups, the fast cars, and the slow ones. At the end we realised that there was really not much difference regardless of what car we were in since all the cars took the same exact routes( pity the 60 year old lady who was sitting at the front passenger seat!)

So yup the ride begins,
Here’s a lil gif we took just right after our first drive down on of the slopes.

and the only one coz we were busy not trying to get too car sick throughout the journey. Plus it was so bumpy it was enough to have us hit our head if we didn’t grab too firm of a grip. I clung onto the handle pretty tight, I’m already silly enough I really don’t need any more of my brain cell dying.

So after about half hour of a ride, we got to our destination(Thank God)
I was really REALLY glad I didn’t throw up in the car(it was a fine of RM500!) and I couldn’t be more happier to have both my feet on ground(well if you don’t consider my whale watching experience)

Got to the Bedouin tents! Yay!

It was a really simple place with just wooden huts, but I guess it was just the surrounding that makes the place really really special. Walking into the place, it really made me feel for the first time that Wow, I’m in a desert, I’m really here!

As much as the place was really dead, no plants and just all sands around, it was still a very very gorgeous sight.

Well it was also my first time riding a camel, and also yes don’t laugh, my first time almost falling off a camel =.=

Nate was still up for some action after our 4WDriving experience and decided to go sand boarding.

and me being me, couldn’t resist putting on some local dresses

Then when night fell they had a lil few performances installed for us, of course belly dancing was def on the itinerary

Pretty much that was our first day, but would you just look at the sunset.

Sometimes, we rush through life, especially in Malaysia where we try to have everything to be at the fastest,we tend to forget to appreciate the journey that comes along with it.

Anyways to sidetrack a lil, I can’t believe 2012 is ending! Just in a few days we will be doing the countdown. Man, time really flies ey!

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