Roastduck’s Revenge

Hello guys, it’s Roastduck here(yes I’m that lil blue stitch). Nate is currently sick, so he’s just sleeping away trying to get some rest when me, the much genius is plotting of the the things I can do when Nate is sick because Nate wouldn’t have the energy to chuck me off the bed, or fight back.

So first thing first I had to check whether he was really sick, because if he wasn’t, I’d be in heaps of trouble

ok he’s confirm ill.


muahahahha, this opens up all the opportunities and all the things I’ve been wanting to do for aeons!

First I gotta fight off this Doraemon because he’s always in the way.

Yes, because fighting him off for sushi is extremely important and now that Nate is sick, he shouldn’t be eating sushi anyways.

Now after the sushi, maybe I could put on some makeup on Nate..maybe that’s not such a good idea coz when he heals I’ll get into massive trouble =/

Oh I know, I could steal his drink! He’s always so protective about his drink and never seems to want to share it with me so I’m just gonna have a cup of tea and see why he’s so protective about it.

And that comic book he’s been reading! He’s always spending so much time reading all these books, constantly refusing to entertain me or talk to me(and sometimes even refuse to hug me!) just because of these comic books. Might as well read it and see why he’s always spending so much time on these books.

annnd yay it’s computer time! I’m gonna play some DoTA and what not =D he’s never gonna find out!

and this is by far the best bit! I can finally sleep on the bed! Nate always shoves me off the bed because he thinks softtoys should never be sleeping on the bed=(

OK, so after doing all these things, it’s good fun I’ll have to admit but it just didnt’ seem as satisfying as when I have had to fight to be able to do all these stuff..Guess having things easy this way didn’t seem to be as much fun as I thought it should be..

so get well soon? *kiss*

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