Eat. Taipei Part 2

Alright, here’s my next blogpost for Taipei!
Before I start, let me show you my videolog for this trip! I almost died laughing at Nate’s reaction at 0.38seconds!

SO anyways, Day 2 consist of food, more food and even more food! Managed to do some shopping(Which I will put in a different blogpost but for now just a very quick summary of the 2nd day)
Started off with our day with these amazing custard egg pudding from Chirle Brown, click the link so you can find their exact location from their Facebook page.Oh and photos all credits to Chris coz I’m just too lazy to bring my camera out that day!

If you are a fan of milk and toast, this is something you’d have to try. I think it’s a very popular thing in Taiwan because everywhere I went, they had french milk toast, so no water used in the process of making the toast, just milk. yums

And of course you just cannot resist egg tarts

but for us it was these that attracted us to the store. The store used real eggshells to hold their custard, which was such an interesting thing to see. Unfortunately for us we weren’t craving for 9 (only came in packs of 9) so we settled with the normal packaging ones. still really yummy tho

That’s us sitting outside just figuring out what else to it. Honestly this area is quite a gem. We’ve also came across a few coffee shops that are just oh too cute not to visit. But since I’m not a coffee person, all I did was just smell the coffee and continued on with our journey.

Our itinerary for the day consist of nothing else but bookstores HAHAHA. We must have walked past a few good bookstores but man, each book store was good enough for us to stay for hours! We’ve visited the very much famous Eslite bookstore and spent our mornings away in the shop
Lunch was worth mentioning. Well to be honest it wasn’t really lunch since it was fully booked(so if you are wanting to try out the place please reserve before hand)
We dropped by Paul and when we heard that it was an hour of a wait, we gave up waiting and settled with some to go pastries.

I bought their escargot for 20TWD and wasn’t expecting much, I mean I was just following what the book has recommended to us so I didn’t know what to expect…until I actually ate them. Best.Escargot.buns.EVER. like seriously I kid you not, they were SO SO GOOD!

The rest of the day was spent in their Wholesale area, which to be honest was still a little more expensive than what I expected it to be(esp mens clothings) but you still can find some really good deals there. I manage to pick up a few dresses for about 100TWD which coverts to about RM10 per piece. Mega wins! I think Taiwan fashion style just really wasn’t my cup of tea so that’s prolly why I didn’t manage to buy that much this time round.

So moving on, I’d also recommend this other place for dinner. Steamboat is much loved by Taiwanese and for a good reason. Good steamboats here are FREAKING AWESOME. We had this herbal soup based pot and also a milk soup based pot(Think fishhead noodle milky soup).

I kid you not, it was def the best steamboat I’ve had, ever. For the first time ever in my life while having steamboat(I’m not a fan of steamboat) I’m actually wanting seconds, usually when having steamboat I get full very easily from the heat and feel full even after just a few bites of mushrooms.

SO yes, def something I’d recommend
I’m off now, have some errands to run but I’ll come back and write my 3rd post about Taiwan tomorrow!
Here’s my 2nd OOTD in Taiwan. It wasn’t a very hot day but I was just glad to be wearing shorts because it was SO WINDY! I spent half my time the first day trying to prevent doing a Marilyn Monroe so the shorts was def something on the to wear list the 2nd day.

Found this cute wall art at the MRT station and just couldn’t resist taking a photo with it. Could only do it once since everyone was waiting for us to pass by but guess it turned out alright!

and it’s FRIDAY TOMORROW! All ready for the weekend yet?

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