Taipei part 3. Cheaper flight upgrade!

First, my Taiwan Vlog!
Ok this will perhaps be the longest post out of my 3 Taiwan post. Mainly coz I didn’t do any more than 3 post and we only had like 4 full days in Taipei, and out of the 4 days there was 2 days I kinda refused to bring my camera around because Chris has the exact same camera model as mine with a better lens LOL
Anyways, before I lose your attention, I’ll also be including how to get Airasia premium seat tickets at up to 75% off(really very good deal I tell you)
On the last few days it was really nothing but eating. We were lucky enough to meet the very lucky Queenie(busy lady I tell you) and she took her day off uni just to walk us around town! This was brilliant because she recommended us to heaps of really yummy local fav places that I wouldn’t have been able to find through the book we bought!
We were in Ximenting and we had this yummy mochi, and it’s the traditional japanese mochi but grilled.

Then added with your preferred dressing. I went for the matcha flavoured one. Honestly this pic just really reminds me of Hulk

Weather was brilliant I tell you =.= It was SO sunny yet windy. Wearing a skirt was a nay and wearing long sleeve would make you sweat like there’s no tomorrow either, my solution?
The 100TWD(only RM10) jegging-ish material pants with sleeveless top with a scarf. Worked out just nice

I haven’t worn this scarf since I last left the country to a colder place and I really miss wearing it. I got it as a christmas gift from Vicky and it had this beautiful detail lace thingy at the edge of the scarf. love it!

To be honest the day was really filled with nothing but shopping and more shopping, with occasional stops at food stores but here’s a few that I thought was worth mentioning.
A very fat cat HAHA

And I don’t know why but Taiwanese love their pets! like massively love them. I’ve seen so many dogs on baby strollers waiting to be pushed around by their owner and we also saw plenty of restaurants around that had cute dogs as their store guard. Look at this cutie

Then we went to this bubbletea shop in 公馆 Gong Guan. The place name is 陈三鼎(chen san ding), located at 台北市中正区罗斯福路三段316巷8弄口 and I kid you not, this place has like best bubbles/tapioca/pearls whichever you like to call it EVER. Like i kid you not, EVER. I’ve not had anything like this in Malaysia ever before and I guess the queue for the small store pretty much explains how much it’s loved by their locals there. The crowd you see in the pic is the line for the store, it’s just in a zig zag formation so it looks like they are all crowding around the shop O.O

Then on our last day we made way to another popular cafe call Dazzling Cafe

Lucky Queenie helped us reserved the cafe because when we arrived there was quite a queue and man it’s my first time coming to a cafe that required a min purchase of a drink per person and you can only dine in for 90min MAX per session
So we happily found out seats upon arriving

And started ordering
Chris’ macchiato

and I of course ordered my earl grey, had to get my daily dosage of tea

and our food

This was strongly recommended by Queenie, the pesto pasta and I must say it was indeed extremely yummy

but the main highlight for the cafe wasn’t their meals, it was their desserts so eventhough we were already really full from lunch, we just had to order another dessert to share.
When it arrived I think our jaws dropped a little, it was SO PRETTY! It was so yummy too, it was like fried bread(Think croutons with cream and ice cream and all other sorts of yummy stuff. Def recommend the place if you are around the area

Happy with our meals? You bet!

So erm, what else should I share about Taipei?=p well first of if you are going shopping there there’s a few things you might want to check out
Their local warehouse stores(Wu fen Pu). Of course the fashion might be a little different but some basic pieces like these only cost me 100TWD(which coverts to about RM10 per piece)

They also have alot of small boutiques where you can find pretty clothes that are more for casual wear. Prices are decent, ranging from 250TWD and above

Everygirl(well almost) goes to Taiwan with one thing in their mind, their facial mask. I’ve heard from locals that the much popular “My Beauty Diary” isn’t as big of a hit as it is in Malaysia, reason being it’s not as effective and well it’s just that facemask you can find from local 7-11. I decided to not buy them this time around because the last time I bought my facemask I didn’t enjoy using them as much because it just didn’t feel like it was doing much work. I picked up these instead and I really enjoy using them, plus they smell amazing

You can find their booth in Taipei 101. If you are there,look for a girl name “Ern Ern” and she’ll help out with what you need, super friendly lady. I picked up the facemask for 50TWD per piece(around RM5) and if you purchase more they have bigger discounts/promo too

Makeup wise I obviously drop by NARS(yes I know they are opening a shop here in KL soon) but still couldn’t resist the temptation, esp since they were having christmas promo sale!

and oh YSL makeup how I love you, I’ve heard too much, just too much ravings about their foundation and concealer I just had to have one, I must say I’ve been loving the coverage of the foundation and the concealer just works perfectly well!

Also picked up this much raved about moisturizer from Philosophy
Yet to start but will probs do a review when I use it(trying to finish my previous moisturizer)

and if you are a tea lover like me, you HAVE to drop by this store to check out their fruit tea. I usually dislike fruit tea because they smell amazing but taste really bland =.=. Kinda a put off but the mango/passion tea taste like ribena! LOVE IT!

Ok so thanks for reading so far down my post, my trip pretty much ends here but before I sign off I just thought I’d share with you guys something. Our flight back from Taiwan was a midnight flight, which usually means there’s not much sleep for us=extremely tired and cranky yuki. We’ve been thinking whether to upgrade our flight to the flatbed option but was always hesitant when checking the price. This wasn’t till we saw this ad on Airasia, and Nate say it was worth checking it out.
The website is call Option Town. So you pretty much book your flights normally, then head to the website and choose your preferred upgrade(they also do those 2 seats empty kinda upgrade so you get your own mini flatbed on your normal seats).The difference however is that it is nearly 75% off!! We got our upgrade for about RM150 and it was just really worth it! You get your normal usual stuff like luggage upgrade to 25KG and other stuff like priority lanes and luggage so less the waiting and queuing. You will have to pay upon booking and they will send you a confirmation IF it’s upgraded(check their terms and condition), if not they will refund you within 5 working days after your flight

def a yay for extra leg room.

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