Free flow beer tips! How can watching football get any better!

I’ve never been a massive football fan, but that said I’ve been guilty of staying up till wee hours in the morning to watching football matches. I remember my younger brother running around the house half naked shouting ” GOAAAAAAL” whenever his fav team(Man U) scores, mind you this was at 3AM in the morning. My parents came running down the stairs because they heard someone shout =.= So yes, while I do not go around keeping an eye on whose match is on, if a game comes up on the TV I’d still watch it anyways because I have to say, it’s pretty exciting!

Last Sunday, all thanks to Manoah we were invited to The Score, The Roof(I know how awesome is it that everything’s at the Roof!!) I love going out on Sunday night, nothing too intense though I just really like going out for like a good drink to relax the night away so this invitation came perfect! It was their first week starting their Free Flow Sunday, which is a pretty cool thing. Of course I had to bring my trusty Samsung Galaxy Camera.
Every Sunday if there’s a match going on, all you gotta do is wear YOUR FAV FOOTBALL JERSEY  to The Score, and you will be entitled to their free flow beer! Freaking awesome right? The free flow ends the minute one team scores the goal.

Honestly, I think it’s really cool! I’ve never liked watching football matches at Mamak stalls, most time I can’t relax because I spend most my time thinking and worrying whether someone will drive or walk past me and steal my bags =( and pubs are just waaay too busy and smokey to enjoy the match. The Score instantly became my fav place to watch football so with this awesome awesome deal, it just gave me every reason to recommend my friends to watch the football match there!
Let me show you a few photos I took for the night.
As you can tell, super super chilled out area! Photos are all on party/indoor mode on the Samsung Galaxy Camera

So the game that night was Aston Villa vs Man United.

and of course watching a football match isn’t quite as complete if you haven’t got beer!

and if you are feeling a little peckish def def try out the Nachos. I kid you not the roof has one of my fav and most fav nachos ever!

That night we both girls spent more time taking photos together than watching the game. Girls being girls hah but the guys had their eyes GLUED to the screen I kid you not!

This was expected because on the 18″ MAN U SCORED THEIR FIRST GOAL! like whaaat! You should have seen the roars and the faces the guys made! They were all Man-U fans so it was such a funny scene! I personally thought watching the guys reaction was waaay more interesting when they scored a goal. So I guess it was slight unlucky for us because Free flow ended then but for the guys it was like one of the best thing of their match coz their team scored! And 6 minutes after, Man United scored their 2nd goal. They were on fire I kid you not!

Look at their faces, so happy their team won hah

But if you aren’t wearing a Jersey but still wanna catch a game, you can always opt for their opening promotion Happy Hour promo!

If you are at the Score, you might also find this lil interesting Christmas Tree at the corner. Don’t be foooled guys, it aint an ordinary tree!!

The Roof is having this thing going on instagram where if you take a photo with the christmas tree in the most creative way, you’d stand a chance to win a Carlsberg Beer Tower!
Make sure you #scoretheroof and #theroofmalaysia by the 23rd of Dec 2013 coz the winners will be announced on the 24th Dec 2013

So go, quick! Don’t miss out!

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