Quick update on Paris(will blog a proper one after)

Real quick, just thought I’d do an brief update because I’m really really in love with this beautiful city(will be blogging more in details once I get back to London).  Prior to coming to Paris, I’ve had a few friends telling me different things. Some of them loved Paris and some, didn’t like it as much and thought it was over-rated.
I had doubts I have to admit, being overly paranoid like I usually am, I kept thinking I was gonna be pick-pocketed at the subs. That said it’s so easy to just forget all your worries once you step out the subways. I’ve always had a thing for old buildings so coming to Paris was def a right choice! The city is just so romantic, strolling along Seine River( though the river’s not too clean) and just admiring all the beautiful architecture is just enough to make me fall in love with Paris.

Here’s just a few pictures before I start packing. I’m leaving Paris tomorrow and I’m a little reluctant, but I’m sure Amsterdam is gonna be as interesting too. Will be spending New Year’s there so I hope there’s something interesting!

Here are a few photos I took at Jardin des Tuileries, which is by far my absolute fav place because it’s so so beautiful.

and of course the highlight of the trip (food aside, nothing can top the food here) would have to be La tour Eiffel. We’ve been very very very fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day on our trip here, it’s been raining so much I thought it was just gonna be another wet trip but today’s weather was beautiful! Sun throughout the day and it was just the perfect day to visit the tower.

We spent about 2 and half hours(or was it 3?) just walking along the Seine River. Was such a long long long walk because we didn’t know what else or what we should visit so we thought maybe strolling along the river was a better idea because we could seee what was happening throughout the place and also to enjoy the sun, that and we’d eventually reach the Eiffel tower lol.Then we also took a very long stroll back. I kid you not we’ve walked about 7km today just strolling around ( I’ve checked the maps and we are seriously not making the numbers up!)

More updates soon but that’s all for now =)  I probs won’t get to blog ontime for the New Years so I just wanna take this opportunity to wish everyone

 Happy New Year!
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