Escape Room, and an app to save money for the game!

I love puzzles, rubiks cube, crytographs you name it! I used to read encyclopedias(still read em) for unsolved puzzles and mysteries hoping one day, just one day I’ll get to go on an adventure which includes solving mysteries and what not HAHA. Yes I know, one can dream! Well since I can’t exactly go on an adventure like what I see on the movies, I always always spend time reading up on ancient histories(yes yes I’m a huge nerd I know). A few months back, there’s this place that kinda got us all interested, I’m sure most have heard about it
The Escape Room!

If you enjoy puzzles and solving mysteries you will love this! Pretty much you are stuck in the room for 45 minutes and your goal and only goal is to make your way out of the room by solving puzzles and riddles

Don’t believe me, well here’s the guide for dummies on their official website

Here’s some images I got off the web since we can’t take photos whilst playing and if I did take photos it’d prolly ruin the fun for you but each room has different settings and different scenarios. Some require you to be handcuffed and blindfolded

Others might require you to crawl pass laser lights and what not. Pretty cool huh!
That said tho it’s not exactly easy! You will need serious teamwork, each room usually hold about 6 people so make sure you get the right people to join you on your “quest”! You also need to think out of the box, as well as being super super super aware towards your surrounding!
I’ve played 3 rooms so far, all at the escape room at E@curve
Mysterious Room- My very first room, hence one of the worst results ever LOL. Needless to say we failed getting out of the room within the given time but it sure did made us want to try the other rooms even more
Abandoned Factory- Played this room with my cousins and was my very first room that we’ve gotten out of the room within the time
Pirate ship- AHHHHH, ok this is the room I played just over a week ago, we were so so SOO close to winning, darn u last lock!
My next room? I’m actually really tempted to try the ones located at at Puchong and Timesquare, well I actually want to try them all but one step at a time I guess!

If you are interested make sure you head over to Escape Room and make a booking before popping by because they are really quite popular!
Prices are all indicated on the website but but but HAHA ok let me share something with you!

If you are a Samsung User then well you are in luck! There is a buy 4 get 2 free promo on the Samsung Galaxy App! I know right, how awesome is this! Not only they have promo for Escape Room they also have other promos such as promos for Burger Lab, Spa treatments etc etc. All you gotta do is click on the link here , download the app and then sign in with your email. As you can tell, I’m a regular user of this app HAH

The app is like a passport to exclusive privileges, giving you daily deals with discount coupons(hint hint, check out Christy Ng’s 30% off coupon from the image below!)

It also gives you a selection of reviews of apps so you can check them out before downloading it, and rewards for Samsung users too!

There are 7 Categories, catering to different people with different needs
Live- Includes Travel, Food, Fitness, Shopping, Art and Photography
Entertain- Movies, TV, Sports, Music and Reading
Learn- Learning, Reference, Kids, Family
Play – Games, Puzzle
Connect-Communication, Social, News, Weather, Navigation
Work- Business, Finance, Productivity, Utilities
Surprise- Discovery

So you are bound to find something you’d find useful in one of the categories! my personal fav would def have to be Live and Play!
but for the Escape Room, all I’ve gotta do is click on Play, and scroll down to search for the Escape Room promo and voila!

It’s really just that simple, of course as you can tell there are will be a verify button for the person in charge to verify your offer so only click on the button when you are at the cashier.

This is me and Yeeing trying to redeem our offer for the group
Yes, just click onto the promo and show the person in charge at the Escape Room to redeem the offer

Just that easy!
I think this is an app that I’d really click and check on very constantly from now. I mean, the app itself is already a darn good reason to purchase Samsung devices as there are no other mobile devices that benefits and give back to the customers like how Samsung does! So hurry up and click on this link to download the app if you haven’t already done so!

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