Wednesday craze

I like Wednesdays coz it always gave me a reason to do wordless wed post. I know I’ve been slacking but I just haven’t found anything too interesting to blog about recently, that and since it’s after CNY there’s always heaps and heaps of errands to run for the house. I am going to Singapore this weekend, which is something I’m really looking forward to! But before I do any post for my trips, let’s go on and get the wordless wed post up shall we
So May and Tze Ee came over for a visit, since May’s leaving back to Melb soon we thought we could do a meet up!
Predictable, the things we did after lunch was again super spontaneous. Drop by TNB(thankfully we did because the previous owner had his account shut so if we didn’t transfer the names today I’d be stuck with no electricity for 2 days). We also made matcha green tea latte with our new coffee machine(which didn’t turn out too well) and may also made dough for Pan Mee for dinner tonight. Since I’m also working on how to photoshop my pictures better, I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity to edit the photos to something a little cray this time.

That’s all for now, thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your day!

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