My weekend down South!

So my weekend was pretty awesome,
Nate’s brother thought it’d be nice to have a weekend down south and organized a trip for all of us to head down south to Universal Studio! We left on Saturday morning, reached Johor at about noon time and spent most our time shopping at the Johor Premium Outlet then resting at Thistle Johor for the rest of the day. The highlight of the day was def dinner, we drove out to the seaside into this secluded-ish area where they had a couple of seafood restaurants along the beach. Despite the few restaurants there, everyone seem to be only heading towards this restaurant! I don’t really know the reason because they did all quite look the same to me but according to my future sister in law, she said this particular restaurant was the best restaurant with one of the best ambience too.

It was almost dusk so the weather wasn’t too hot by now, man the weather was scorching hot before this so the idea of sitting outside during the evenings was def much pleasurable.

and much prettier too. I seriously can get used to having this amazing view for dinner

So this is the only food I managed to take a photo of, by the time our food came it was already dark so no photos and coz we were all busy eating.

Of course being in a seafood restaurant, we had to have seafood right? We ha so much to eat that night! Scallops, crabs, lala, fish(the ones where the fish was swimming in the tank), fried squid, and some other small dishes only costed us RM400 for a table of 9! It would have easily double the price if we were to have it here in KL!

I’ll be back, def be back! This place is seriously seafood heaven hah!
So the next day, we head off to singapore! So yes, as you can tell from my previous post *click here* you can see that my outfit has changed, only coz the weather was so hot I didn’t wanna risk wearing a Tee, but if you are curious about the missing item, it is my Sennheiser headphones!

This baby kept both me and Nate awake throughout our driving journey downsouth, a proper review on this soon!

Anyways, will spare you with the typical normal Universal Studio photos and give you some tips! We went on a Sunday, so the crowd was pretty good on that day. We bought our tickets online and had them printed so all we had to do was just queue and get it. Most rides starts at 10, we got in at just 10 and ran straight to the most popular ride- Transformers-The Ultimate 3D battle. Lucky for us , it was pretty darn empty when we got there so we walked and walked and wallked till we got to the ride. Very worth the (short) wait!

Then we headed over to The Lost World for Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure! Beware though, there’s a possibility of you getting wet(like soaked) getting on the ride so please make sure you have a waterproof bag to keep your belongings or chuck everything into the locker before you head in

Nate and his brother before the ride, they look so alike!

If the sun wasn’t hot enough, no frets, there’s a dry pod that dries you for $5SGD

Then we explore the other less popular rides because by the time we came out from the rapids adventures, everything required nearly an hours wait and we just couldn’t be bothered. So we watched the Waterworld show(Show at 1PM, 3.30PM, 5.30PM), more 4D shows at Far Far Away and went for lunch.

By the time we were about done with most the rides(the less popular ones) we found a spot to watch the parade!

Def not to miss!

Just one tip! If there’s one ride you want to go on but the queue is just way too long, then wait for the parade to happen and make sure you watch the parade to the nearest of the entrance of the ride! The minute the parade is done, you can quickly run into the ride which usually has no queue by then!We went on the Revenge of the Mummy™, which is not something I’d recommend for the faint hearted!! There wasn’t any queue so we got on the ride within 5 minutes!

Alternatively, you could wait till around 5ish where most people have gone home. We managed to go on the Rapids Adventure with a wait time of less than 5 minutes the 2nd round! Came out our ride and found this little dino, how cute right!

and of course, not forgetting my personal fav characters, ze minions!

boy they make me so happy hah! I had so much fun at Universal Studio, pity it’s such a long drive away from KL!
So here’s some stuff I hauled from my trip down south. Elmo water bottle for my cousin and minion for myself! Had to of course get the Starbucks mug too!

That night we went to Marina Bay Sands for dinner, so erm ya, HAHA they recently had Bath and Body Works as their newest store addition so I must support, right? Absolutely loving the hand sanitizers!

and my Hush Puppy wedges for RM100!From Johor Premium Outlet of course!

So this pretty much concludes my weekend! How was yours?

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