Oh how can you not love Instagram!
I love how the pictures are perfectly squared, limited captions and it just makes the my life a little prettier of a place just by looking at the photos of the people I’ve subscribed to..
I’ve been experimenting with ways to filter my photos(mind you instagram’s original filter is a little limited) and since I get quite abit of questions of people asking me privately so I thought I’d share with you how I usually edit my photos! Of course it’s not much, compared to some of the people who gets hundreds and thousands of likes, mine’s really nothing but I do really enjoy photography so perhaps this you might find useful!
My photos are mostly taken with my Samsung Note 3 with the smart cover(the cover allows me to take photos in square sizes) so I save the step of having to crop my pics. So here are my recent shots,
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Photos from left to right
Top: Friday night’s accessories, carnations I bought for less than RM20, Breakfast the other day
Middle: Magnum Gold! New additions to my work table, New breakfast tray!
Bottom: Water bottle from Universal Studio, Breakfast again, DIY mason jar project!

One thing I find extremely important when taking photos is to have enough sunlight or light source! I cannot stress this enough because with enough sunlight, there’s usually minimal adjustment needed for your photo to look amazing.
I swear by the app VSCOCAM, I’m sure most of you guys have already heard of the app. Amazing customizable filters, your basic exposure contrast options is really all you need for a good photo. I do sometimes purchase the filters, especially when it’s sold in bundle coz it does work out to be heaps cheaper than to buy it individually.
I stalk alot of people, so I steal inspirations from their photos. My absolute fav Instagrammers are
Thecherryblossomgirl, Garypeppergirl,Parisinfourmonths,BrownPlatform, Nao1223 and Agirlastyle

I will be travelling abit more next week and I cannot wait! Perth, here I come!
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