Friday drinks with Johnnie Walker!

So the other day, well Tuesday to be exact,I was very much honored to be invited( all thanks to Manoah) to Johnnie Walker’s Circuit Lounge Cocktail Making Workshop. Im not sure about you but I’ve always always dreamt that I’d have a small mini bar at home to help crave my cocktail cravings(you can never say no to a drink right?=p). Imagine, a Friday night, cosy living room, tellie with your fav movie, and a cocktail..How can you not say no to that? I guess the biggest prob I’d have to this is that the cocktail is quite impossible since I have zero knowledge in cocktail making. Last I remembered, Nate made quite a (huge) mess to the house when he was trying to make himself a drink.
The Johnnie Walker Cocktail Making Workshop was held at Omakase+Appreciate in KL. I found the building alright, finding the place was actually quite interesting. The guards told me to walk down the stairs and told me “the door to your right”. I walked down the stairs and found myself facing 3 doors with “Dilarang Masuk”(Do Not Enter) signs on the doors =.=. Was just about to give up and one of the Dilarang Masuk sign doors opened up and whoaaa, there’s a bar right behind those wooden white doors!
Shawn Chong and Karl Too, owners of Omakase+Appreciate welcomed us to their very interesting bar. y are featuring bespoke cocktails specially crafted for the JW Circuit Lounge this year!

So here’s Shawn teaaching us how to mix the cocktail!

Right, don’t share I don’t share the good things in life, here’s the recipe for the drinks they’ve made for us!
Black Coconut
30ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
60ml Fresh Coconut!

Black Strike

30ml Johnnie Walker Black Label
8ml Ristretto Liqueur
8ml Lemon
8ml Sugar
A dash of Spicy Chocolate Bitters

And my personal fav!
Gold Cocoa
30ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve
20ml Chocolate Sauce
10ml Caramel Sauce
Ground Coffee

I know know what you are thinking..”Aiya you have someone to make it for you mah. What if I wanted to make it at home myself?”
So I came home, and was determined to remake the drinks myself! Well taking lessons, I thought it’d be fun to do something similar but making a little twist to the drink I liked most outta the 3!
I couldn’t find Caramel Syrup so I replaced my syrup with Toffee Nut syrup instead and used Black Label just because I’ve already got the bottle opened at home.
Here’s what you need pretty much
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Toffee Nut Syrup
Chocolate powder

And the instructions!

Alternatively, if you are feeling a little more luxurious, you could always replace the black label with Gold instead.

Easy peesy for a Friday night drinks right!
Anyways, I know we are all excited for the Johnnie Walker Circuit Night this year! It will be held on the 29th of March(very soon I know, how exciting)
Make sure you keep yourself up to date with Johnnie Walker’s Facebook Account :
and stay tuned to my blog to see how you can score yourself tickets to the event this year!

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